ShripadNaik calls upon scientists and researchers to evaluate AYUSH

The Minister of State for AYUSH, ShripadYessoNaik called upon the AYUSH-1scientists and researchers to indulge in systematic evaluation of AYUSH remedies and practices in cancer care. He stated that the traditional systems of medicine are based on strong fundamental principles, time-tested experiences and holistic concepts of application, and not only advise the treatment of patients with drugs, but also have the concept of modulating the life-style, dietary regimen, seasonal regimen and behaviour to prevent and cure the diseases. He stated that a scientific eye and mind is required to explore the value from the vast knowledge base of AYUSH for healthcare of cancer patients.

The Minister stated that “we must emphasize highlighting the solutions that do exist or can be developed from AYUSH systems to help controlling the menace of cancer and which are within our reach and resources”. Pointing out that AYUSH systems emphasize more on the preventive aspect of health having a strong hold in lifestyle management, he stated that they may thus contribute in reducing the incidence of cancer. He added that integration of AYUSH with conventional healthcare system is another important area to be explored to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and to prevent the recurrence and metastasis and improve the quality of life of cancer patients. Naik stated that looking at the global scenario of cancer management, it must be understood that stand alone modern medicine may not be sufficient to meet health needs of the society ailing with this dreaded disease.

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