Nadda launches ‘Clean and Green Campaign’ at Delhi AIIMS as part of Kayakalp initiative of Health Ministry

J P Nadda, Minister for Health and Family Welfare launched the ‘Clean and Green’ campaign at AIIMS, New Delhi under the ‘Kayakalp’ initiative of the Health Ministry to encourage public health facilities in the country to work towards standards of excellence to help the facilities stay clean and hygienic.

Addressing the gathering at the launch function, the Health Minister stated: “We have launched the Kayakalp initiative in the Central Health Institutions across the country where they will compete on various laid down parameters for cleanliness, housekeeping, Clean-and-Green-Campaigninfection free protocols etc., under seven different heads. Winner of the first prize will be awarded RS. 5 cr, while the second and third winner shall be awarded Rs. 3 cr and Rs.1 cr respectively.” Similar guidelines have been laid down for the district hospitals, community health centers and primary health centers also, to encourage them to participate in this initiative and establish sustainable standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Guided by the Prime Minister and his Swachcha Bharat Abhiyaan, the Health Minister stated that “Swachch Bharat will lead to Swastha Bharat, and one way to achieve that is to work towards clean and hygienic hospitals.”

Given the high number of footfall at the hospital premises every day, and considering that nearly 33 lakh patient and their attendants visited AIIMS last year, Nadda said that it was indeed a challenge to keep the premises clean and hygienic. This needed creating awareness among the visitors on the importance of their contribution in keeping the institution clean and hygienic. “Keeping any institution such as AIIMS clean on a daily basis is a herculean task and needs the cooperation and partnership of various stakeholders including those visiting it”, the Minister noted. We can also involve NGOs in this effort, he stated. The Health Minister commended the Energy conservation initiative at AIIMS, New Delhi being taken up with the support of the Japan Government. He also suggested to have an environment audit conducted in order to assess the benefits from the efforts being made.

Speaking at the function, B P, Sharma, Secretary (HFW) stated that any innovation at AIIMS in maintaining cleanliness and hygienic environment at the institution and the premises on a sustained basis will set an example for other institutions across the country to emulate.

Nadda also unveiled the Clean and Green campaign logo which includes the seven tasks enlisted under the Kayakalp guidelines, as seven green leaves.

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