Father’s presence of mind saved 15 month old after a 9 feet fall

He is just 15 months old. But little Devang, baby of Ajay Kumar, have already had a near death experience. After falling from an altitude of 9 feet, it was God’s grace and his father’s presence of mind which earned him a fresh lease of life.

One afternoon post lunch around 3 pm, while Sashikala, mom of Devang was busy talking to her neighbour, little Devang peeped from the balcony and fell off from the first floor.Coulmbia-Asia-Hospital

In similar cases of falling from a height, chances of survival is less than five percent, as in most cases, the victim gets hit on the brain. Thankfully, for little Devang, when he fell down his neck got caught by the spikes of the fence of his compound. “Devang was hanging from the fence with his neck getting trapped in between the two rods. The sharp arrow of one rod pierced his face fracturing the zygomatic arch and pharyngeal artery leading to profound bleeding,” said Dr Sanjay D Swamy, Consultant Pediatric Intensivist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield.

Devang was rescued from the fence by his father, Ajay, a furniture contractor. Ajay pillion rode with his son on a friend’s bike and brought him to Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield. On the way to the hospital as Devang was bleeding profoundly, the father tried to suck the blood from his mouth and spit. Also as Devang’s pulse rate was dropping, in an attempt to save his son, Ajay gave him a ‘mouth-to-mouth’.

“I didn’t know what to do at that moment. I just wanted to save my son. I took him on my friend’s bike and on the way just tried to keep him conscious. It’s a miracle how Dr. Sanjay handled the case and gave my son a new lease of life,” said Ajay Kumar, Devang’s father.

When the baby was rushed to the hospital, he was gasping for breath, oozing blood and had very low blood pressure. He was immediately attended by an anaesthetist, a paediatrician and a neurosurgeon. Throat packing was done and his wounds were stitched. “Scans revealed that he had serious vascular injury. He was sedated and kept calm in the ICU and on ventilator for five days,” said the doctor. Due to this accident, baby Devang lost over 900 ml of blood and required 8 bottles of blood products during the course of his treatment, added Dr Sanjay.

It is but for his father that Devang wouldn’t have survived. Thus it is vital for all parents to learn the basic life support techniques, so that this can be applied at the hour of need.

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