Importance of Preventive Health – Dikshant Dave, CureJoy

Belives, Dikshant Dave, Founder & CEO, CureJoy. In an interaction with Ekta Srivastava, healthtechnology, Dave speaks about importance of preventive health and natural lifestyle

Please tell us about the concept and core values behind CureJoy.

Preventive Health and Natural Lifestyle are two guiding principles behind everything we do at Curejoy. The present conventional healthcare system does not offer solutions to many prevailing health conditions. This leaves one with no choice but to take a pain killer and repress symptoms, which leads to larger issues over a period of time. It approaches Health from Cure perspective and all its therapies, approaches and medications are based on curing you rather than prevention. We at Curejoy believe that there is a wealth of data and knowledge in Alternative disciplines like Naturopathy, Yoga and Ayurveda. These are Holistic approaches, which look at overall Mind-Body health. We strive to bring this information out to our users. We have Hundreds of Experts on our panel, which curate and validate this information before being published.

Recently, you have received a huge funding by Accel Partners, so, how’s the journey of CureJoy till date?

We have seen tremendous growth over the last 1 year and we have grown almost 500% in this period. Our User community is also very vibrant and engaged. It’s been a great journey and more than anything it has been extremely fulfilling. We reach out to millions of users every month and our conviction has kept on growing day after day in what we are doing. People are looking towards natural means of living when it comes to their health and we are seeing that trend growing at a very rapid rate.

How big is your team, and how big do you want it to be in a year?

We are currently 25 member strong team and are extremely proud of them. In the next few months, the strength of our team would reach 40 plus.

How do you see Indian Health and wellness Industry today and in the next five years?

India is growing in all aspects. We are seeing a huge rise in the number of broadband and 3G/4G connections. With easy access to internet today, people naturally resort to it for all kinds of information. And in that, Health is one of the top categories that they look out for. Just like the Global trend, India is also rising to the fact that “Prevention is better than Cure” and want to adopt to lifestyle and methods which lead to healthy life. So more people are moving towards Natural Health and Wellness. When you look at this trend and the fact that only about 10% of the country has a proper access to internet, we realize what potential we have over the next few years.

What are the major trends that you have witnessed in Health and Wellness industry?

eHealth / Tele Medicineis a growing trend. With the availability of technology and medium like smartphones, it is getting easier every day to reach out to a health professional and get your questions answered.

Another major trend is the movement towards Natural Health. People are fed up of popping a pill every time they have a problem. They want to prevent ill health and the awareness of adopting the natural means like Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy is their best bet.

What’s the biggest factor that is slowing growth for a start-up?

Start-ups are complex, they are a living organism with many internal and external factors controlling and effecting its survival or growth. I think a very important aspect for a startup would be, whether there is a need for the product or services it offers and if that’s scalable. Most startups actually fail at this level.

Who do you see as your biggest competitor?

We have carved a very unique category and position in the market. There are many players in this ecosystem like celebrity portals, product manufacturers, opinion leaders, etc. We are now at a position where we think we can work with most of these players. In fact, we do work with many such experts, manufacturers presently. We are in a way building that layer of interaction, credibility and trust in this domain, something, which has been missing all along.

What’s your road map ahead?

We are going to be expanding geographically into countries like UK, Canada, Spain, Germany and Australia. We may also be localizing our content to multiple languages.

Apart from this we are also moving into adjacent verticals such as Food, Beauty, and Parenting etc. We have seen a high demand for some of these categories and we think we can best cater to this growing demand by providing a dedicated destination and communities for those categories. Ofcourse, Mobile remains our key area of Focus and growth for coming quarters.




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