‘Hypertension rising steeply in India

According to a recent CSI survey that covered 200,000 people across 24 states, one third of the country’s population suffers from hypertension – the main cause of comorbidities like heart and brain strokes – and compounding the misery, a whopping 60 percent of them are unaware about the malady. Raising a red alert about the steep rise in hypertension, cardiologists blame faulty lifestyle, Hypertensionespecially the intake of salt well beyond the permissible limits, for the proliferation of the malady that has been affecting the younger generation with alacrity.

The study has also revealed that 25 percent of the people aged 31-45 suffer from undetected hypertension.

Cardiologists attribute the high unawareness level to the myth that hypertension and cardiovascular diseases affect only the elderly . With India, along with 194 countries, pledging to reduce premature mortality through non-communicable diseases (NCDs) – including CVD – by 25 percent by 2025, cardiologists say the focus needs to be on secondary prevention. In its bid to promote a healthy heart lifestyle, the CSI has also launched a book – “Ten Commandments for Creating Heart-Healthy Homes”, available in English and 10 Indian languages.

Created according to World Heart Federation guidelines, the book contains instructions for developing a healthy heart lifestyle like following dietary doctrine, exercising and promoting a healthy environment. It also has details about calorific values of various fruits, beverages and vegetables, recommended dietary allowances and ways and means to prevent and control coronary heart disease risk factors.

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