Do’s and don’ts for World Diabetes Day

Dr Amol Raut

“Although India has been successful in terms of combating life threatening diseases, the lifestyle disorders have increased drastically. India is known as the diabetes capital of the world with over 61.3 million people suffering from this lifestyle disorder. World-Diabetic-DayGetting diagnosed with diabetes has a lot to do with today’s lifestyle; in India, more particularly due to endless festive seasons. People suffering from diabetes should be careful and understand how their body works internally. Genes, also play a crucial role in understanding the way our body works. Example – Milk, wheat or gluten may be much more troublesome to some rather than the others.”

This World Diabetes Day, Dr. Amol Raut (CEO, GeneSupport) gives us the top 5 do’s and don’ts, we should keep in mind:


1)      Eat at regular intervals to keep the sugar levels consistent and avoid hypoglycemia.

2)      Eat natural – Say no to processed food. Prefer whole grains/splits to flour

3)      Eat as much vegetables as you can ,but reduce potato and other starchy veg.

4)      Practice portion control.

5)      It is important to incorporate exercise into daily lifestyle (5 days of walking for 45 minutes) to maintain sugar levels and induce fat loss and maintain levels.

6)      Regular checks on the glucometer are most effective way to monitor the daily food intake and its effect on the sugar levels to determine the right food options for diabetics and the options to be restricted or minimized due to their effect on the sugar levels.


1)       Avoid excessive fat intake , try and exclude fried items from your diet totally.

2)      Never Skip meals

3)      Avoid Alcohol

4)      Strictly avoid taking self-prescribed medicine

5)      Avoid canned  and processed foods.

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