BLK Super Specialty Hospital joins hand with Uzbekistan Ministry of Health

  • Will provide training to increase the number of health care professionals in Uzbekistan

Known for its excellence in healthcare Industry, one of the India’s leading BLK Super Specialty Hospital recently signed a MoU with Department of Foreign Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Health of The Republic of Uzbekistan. Among others, the MOU focuses on BLK-Super-Specialty-Hospitalimproving the provision of medical diagnostics and consultation to the people of Uzbekistan with assistance from BLK Super Specialty Hospital for next three years.

The MOU is expected to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the field of healthcare and medical sciences as well as creating more opportunities for medical, diagnostic and counseling for population of Republic of Uzbekistan. Experts from BLK Super Specialty Hospital would also develop and participate in studies of surgical and therapeutic care for The Republic of Uzbekistan.

Naresh Kapoor, Executive Director BLK Super Specialty Hospital said, “BLK Super Specialty Hospital will provide highly qualified medical experts for examination and consultation of children and adult patients in Uzbekistan. We are also planning to carry out heart surgeries for patients suffering from congenital heart diseases.  These surgeries will be performed at BLK Super Specialty Hospital as well as in specialized clinics of Uzbekistan.”

Children from poor families of Uzbekistan suffering from congenital heart diseases will also be given medical assistance under the MoU. Operated kids will be monitored and consulted locally.  The MoU will also pave way for education and training of health professionals from Uzbekistan in India to exchange experiences and techniques.

AE Sidikov –Director, Department of Foreign Economic Affairs of Ministry of Health said, “Uzbekistan will also assist BLK Super Specialty Hospital by providing the premises and creating necessary conditions for evaluation and surgery of sick children free of charge to create better health standards and infrastructure in the country.”

The MOU is believed to be a breakthrough in the health care sector of Uzbekistan by many as the initiative by the New Delhi based hospital will lead to an increased number of medical professionals in country in the field of surgery, urology, cardiology, oncology, pediatrics, dentistry, ophthalmology and therapeutic studies thereby building capabilities in the country itself to treat similar patients.  It is also believed to be beneficial in long term to promote better relationship between the two countries along with improving health standards worldwide.

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