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SRL Diagnostics introduces technique in India to diagnose fibrosis

SRL diagnostics, India’s leading diagnostics chain has for the first time in the country, launched a blood based test which can detect liver fibrosis caused due to non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

NAFLD is a very common disorder and refers to a condition where excess fat accumulates in the liver of people who drink little or no alcohol or do not have any viral or genetic cause of liver disease. The test is now available at SRL centres pan India.diagnose-fibrosis

It is reported that, 20-30 per cent Indians in urban areas and 8 per cent Indians in rural areas have NAFLD. Also, 75 per cent of people suffering from diabetes and 50 per cent of people with hypercholesterolemia have NAFLD. People who have type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, presence of insulin resistance, polycystic ovarian disease in their body and are obese are particularly prone to develop NAFLD. The rising prevalence of NAFLD will in the near future lead to end-stage liver disease in a large number of patients with cirrhosis and it predicted to be a leading indication for liver transplantation in the coming decade.

Nowadays, because of its accuracy and high applicability, a blood based non invasive test to check liver fibrosis is recommended by major international organisations like European Association of Study of Liver Disease (EASL), Association of Physicians of India (API). The major advantage of this test is its highest degree of accuracy to diagnose the stage of fibrosis and also quantify it in patients of NAFLD. The test requires few millilitres of blood to perform the investigations.

Dr.B.R Das, president-research & innovation, Mentor-Molecular Pathology and Clinical Research Services, SRL Limited, says “Commonly, NAFLD is diagnosed incidentally as more than half of the patients are asymptomatic. Although ultrasound tests are available to assess liver condition, it can only detect fatty liver and to assess liver fibrosis, the invasive liver biopsy has been the test of choice. With the introduction of this blood test checking for liver fibrosis and assessing its stage become easy.”

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