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A chain of 1500, bedded Multi Super Specialty , Park group of hospital is a tertiary care hospitals and have attained supremacy in the field of health care services with its crème-de-la-crème tertiary medical care. Park Group is religiously dedicated to provide latest, ultramodern and sophisticated medical care.

The Group follows its principle of improving health care processes via adopting exclusive equipments and technology in order to enhance the success rate and patient gratification. To know more about the present scenario and future plans of the hospital we talk to Dr Ajit Gupta, Founder, Chairman, Park Group of Hospitals. Dr Gupta, in an interaction with Ekta Sriavstava,

What is the concept underlying Park Hospital?

Park group is having a philanthropic approach to healthcare for providing quality healthcare services to common people. Park group is committed to deliver highest quality of personalised healthcare state of the art, to people of all ages and in every stage of life and to serve the common people at an affordable cost. That is why instead of one large hospital, we establish 250 bedded units spread over Delhi NCR & Haryana to cater to larger spread of population in their proximity, with special emphasis on critical care. To achieve this we have more hospitals spread with lesser beds to cater for large unprivileged population.

 What are the centers of excellence at your hospital?  What do you think about the emergence and growth of single specialty hospital?

We are a group with most of multi-super-specialty services provided under one roof at our each hospital.

As per the census emerging nowadays with rise in systemic or lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Smoking, Alcoholism etc.  Also with rise in chronically ill critical patients and Cancer patients, most patients today requiring healthcare manifest with involvement of multiple organs & systems of the body. Thus today a single specialty hospital cannot take care of all such ailments under one roof and provide a total healthcare solution to the patients.

What are the technological advancements your hospital has introduced lately in different verticals? Your core strengths?

In Cancer care we have one of the most advanced Linac for Radiotherapy treatment. Our core strength is to deliver highest quality of healthcare with a personal touch at an affordable cost and we specially excel in our high-end Critical care services with cover from all super-specialties.

What’s your vision for Park Hospital and how affordable it is for Indians?

The vision of the hospital is very straight though tough one. We want to be the leader healthcare provider, with addition to providing comprehensive healthcare of highest Quality at an affordable cost.

What are the roadblocks and challenges in Indian healthcare?

Well, there are many roadblocks or challenges in delivering a better and affordable healthcare to people in India, in my opinion major one are:

  • Total Healthcare spend of GDP in India is very low in comparison to other developed countries, it is about 6% (out of which private spend is equivalent to 4.8%), which needs to grow more than 10% of GDP
  • Need to have more Teaching Hospitals and Secondary & Tertiary healthcare set ups.
  • Major lack of proficient manpower in Doctors, Nurses & Paramedical staff.
  • Health Insurance cover is very low, not more than 20-25% Out of that also Private Health Insurance cover is even lesser, especially penetration in rural areas.
  • Healthcare needs to be accorded infrastructure status by the government.
  • A system needs to be in place to check the qualification of medical practitioners regularly.
  • Unrealistic rate for treatment being worked out by people in government.

Please tell us about the emergency services of your hospital?

Emergency services at Park Hospitals are available 24X7 into 365 days along with ACLS equipped ambulance & staff to cater to any kind of medical emergencies.

 How important is insurance in making healthcare affordable?

Though healthcare in our country is at a 1/10th -1/5th the price of developed countries, but it is still beyond the reach of common man in affordability & accessibility. So penetration of private Health Insurance is very important especially schemes in rural areas on the line of government schemes such as RSBY/AABY/JBY/UHIS/PMSBY to be penetrated by the private sector in the remote areas of India.

What are your expectations from the new government? Will it transform the healthcare sector?

To grant infrastructure status to Healthcare so that more healthcare providers can take benefit of government concessions in remote areas.

How is the flow of international patients and how good is medical tourism at Park Hospital? How do you suggest making India a healthcare destination?

Patients from Medical Tourism at Park Hospital are generally from the neighboring countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria etc.

Medical tourism today has come out as one of the most growing sector. And this is because of the reason; India has best doctors, surgeons and best technology. Though, government and corporate are doing their best to boost this sector, In my opinion, to make India a better place for Medical Tourism these are few more  initiatives that are required:

  • To provide Medical Visa on arrival
  • Special and fast emigration channel for Patients
  • Promote India as medical tourism destination in the Indian tourism booklets abroad
  • Tie up with ministries and insurance companies abroad for treatment in India
  • Get recognition for NABH accreditation on an international level, beyond SAARC countries
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