medECUBE – first ever ‘asset-less’ disruptive healthcare

Dr. Dilpreet Brar today announced the launch of an ‘asset-less’ healthcare venture, medECUBE which will offer care coordination concierge services to Indian, NRI and international patients. The company has conceptualised a comprehensive and unique offering called DR.SCAN (Discovery, Records & Alerts, Second Opinion, Coordination, Access, Navigation) which aims to eliminate all friction points in the current healthcare system. Dr. Brar has found an enriching strategic partner in Dr. Ajit Singh, Managing Director and General Partner, Silicon Valley based Artiman Ventures who invests in white space companies that create or disrupt multi-billion dollar markets.

Most parts of urban India have best in class infrastructure to offer elaborate and specialised healthcare services, yet the gap between demand and supply leads to inefficiencies in the system and leave patients disgruntled. Dr. Dilpreet Brar has spent over two decades, both on the clinical and management side of the profession. Dr. Brar understands all key pain-points of the consumer as well as the healthcare practitioners and is, therefore, best placed to pioneer this concept. Key target audience for the offering can be broadly categorized as individual domestic patients, individual international patients, corporate houses and medical practitioners.

medECUBE will combine clinical expertise with technology to offer an end-to-end solution using three enablers: (a) Aggregation and curation of services to make the end-to-end experience hassle-free (b) A global second opinion platform, and (c) Clinical Decisions Software. The company is premised on the values of ‘Ethics’, ‘Empathy’ and ‘Expertise’ and believes that three E’s must combine together as a seamless whole for the patients to have a great ‘Experience’, the BIG-E.

Talking about the venture, Dr. Dilpreet Brar said I dedicated my entire life to healthcare and have seen the profession closely from a clinical and management lens. Our doctors and hospitals are doing a great job, yet much is left to be desired and medECUBE aims to plug this need-gap to make healthcare in India more efficient. medECUBE will help patients get second opinions from leading medical experts across the globe, give sound advice on the most appropriate healthcare solutions, help patients make up their minds and hand-hold them right through this journey. We are committed to ensuring a safe and desired outcome for all our patients.”

Extending his support to this novel venture, Dr. Ajit Singh, Managing Director and General Partner, Artiman Ventures said, “I congratulate Dr. Brar on this courageous new beginning. I believe medECUBE is the first ever disruption in healthcare delivery since the advent of organized hospitals in the middle of 19th century. The company has been able to initiate creation of the most comprehensive second opinion platform, already comprising over 100 leading specialists from the US, UK, Germany and is continuing to expand its base. With best-in-class technology, medical practitioners and institutional partners on-board, medECUBE is the most promising healthcare start up in India to look out for.”

Dr Vinod Raina, Director, Medical Oncology, Fortis Memorial Research Institution, “This is a very interesting and promising venture which will fill important gaps in the current healthcare delivery system. I congratulate Dr. Brar and wish her luck for her venture.”

“In my opinion, there are three things that stand out with regards to medECUBE’s offerings – this is the first time someone has thought of customer pain points and has integrated them backwards into a workable model to offer best possible solutions. Secondly, I feel it is a bold move to take on responsibility of what hospitals should be doing and lastly, leveraging technology to ensure both neutrality and efficiency.” Rajit Mehta, CEO and MD, Max Healthcare

While in the incubation stage, medECUBE already has several patients on board who are availing services of the company and are benefiting from it. As medECUBE is a white-field company, the chain of service offerings is unique. Below are some use cases which elaborate the application of medECUBE’s end-to-end service in different scenarios:

Use case: Complex medical condition which had become non-treatable in India

  • This is a real case of a 16 years old young boy residing in a small village in Punjab (Khanna) and consulting medECUBE team currently
  • The boy was first diagnosed with Medulloblastoma in 2009
  • He was treated with Radiation and Chemotherapy and the tumor has now recurred
  • Unfortunately, the prognosis, under normal circumstances, after the recurrence of Medulloblastoma is very bleak
  • But with the Cellworks platform (accessible through medeCUBE),  doctors create a Whole Genome Sequence,  and then analyse it with a proprietary in-silico platform to find all relevant gene mutations, and come up with a personalised cocktail of drugs,  especially designed for this patient
  • medECUBE will be able to help this boy and his family and add a few months/ years to his life if not cure him completely

Use-case: An individual requiring multi-disciplinary care

  • Ailment details: Heart intervention required for a hypertensive, overweight, Diabetic male
  • Seeks medECUBE’s guidance to find the best doctor / surgeon who has the most favourable track record of handling such complex cases
  • medECUBE not only links him to the requisite expert but also through its relationship manager strings together trans-disciplinary consults of experts of each of the associated heath conditions and provides timely updates to the family
  • Throughout the process, patient also gets a second opinion for any problem from experts across the world

Use-case:  Course correction in current treatment on back of correct diagnosis

  • A patient who was suffering from uncontrolled “epileptic” fits for more than 5 years reached out to medECUBE for a second opinion
  • A neurologist from Stanford opined that it wasn’t epilepsy at all, in fact it was just a stress induced reaction
  • After Stopping all medications and post some psychological counselling organised through medECUBE, the patient is seizure free after so many years
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