Tips to Battle Diabetes- World Health Day

The diabetes epidemic is rapidly increasing across the world, with the documented increase most dramatic in low- and middle-income groups and developing countries. World Health Organisation (WHO) states that diabetes is currently one of the biggest health concerns that the world is faced with and that is why the theme of this year’s World Health Day is Prevent, Treat, Beat diabetes.omron

According to statistics from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), India has more diabetics than any other nation of the world. In India alone, 69.2 million adults and over 70,000 children under the age of 14 suffer from it. 1 in 7 births are affected by gestational diabetes and every 6 seconds a person dies from diabetes. These shocking figures clearly show that there is a need to take preventive measure to reduce the risks of diabetes. The disease is also treatable and can be monitored and managed to avoid complications. Here are a few preventive care tips that can help in mitigating higher risks involved with diabetes.

  • Regular home monitoring: People with diabetes must keep a track of their Blood Sugar level with regular home monitoring using Blood Glucose monitor.
  • Healthy Diet: It is very important to maintain a healthy diet; include beans, whole grain, citric fruits, green tea, Fenugreek (methi), Jamun seeds, olives, food rich in Omega 3 and vitamin C in your food chart
  • Breakfast is important: It is very important to have a healthy breakfast every day as it helps control appetite and controls calorie consumption
  • Water: Drinking lot of water helps mobilise the sugar content in the blood and regulates proper functioning of the body
  • Physical exercise: Daily exercise helps to maintain a healthy weight and lowers blood sugar level to boosts sensitivity towards insulin
  • Sleep Well: It is very important to have at least six hours of good night sleep as lack of it can spike hormone cortisol and lead to a spike in insulin level
  • Avoiding smoking and alcohol: People with diabetes must consume alcohol in a responsible way. “For people with diabetes, consumption of alcoholic beverages must be accompanied by food. Alcohol puts patients at higher risk for low blood glucose (hypoglycemia), so it is safest to consume alcohol with a meal that includes carbohydrate-rich food.
  • Also, people should continue to consult their doctor for any changes in diet regime
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