Trauma Care Centre on National Highways

The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has been implementing a scheme namely “Capacity Building for Developing Trauma Care Facilities in Govt. Hospitals on National Highways” since the 11th Five Year Plan with overall objective of bringing down preventable deaths because of road accidents to 10 per cent by developing a pan-India trauma care network in which no trauma victim has to be transported for more than 50 kilometres and a Trauma-centerdesignated Trauma Care Facility is available at every 100 Km of the National Highway.

The scheme seeks to strengthen the existing trauma care facility in Government Hospitals along the National Highway and not to establish a stand-alone trauma center.

A total of 140 trauma care facilities were identified in 16 States (118 trauma care facilities under this Scheme and 22 under PMSSY and self-funding along the National Highway).

The detail of funds allocation under the scheme is as given below:

Year Budget Estimates (BE)/ Revised Estimates (RE)
2013-14 Rs. 66.50 crores (BE)
2014-15 Rs. 70 crores (BE)
2015-16 Rs. 100 crores (RE)

During the 11th FYP, MoRTH provided 134 ALS Ambulances in 134 identified Trauma Care Facilities under the Scheme “establishment of an integrated network on Trauma Centre’s along the Golden quadrilateral, North-South and East –West Corridors of the National Highways.

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