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Nebulizers and its role in Asthma treatment

Air pollution has led to the increase in sales of products like pollution masks, purifiers and nebulizers in the country and asthma is triggered by exposure to various air borne allergens such as house dust mites in carpets, bedding and furniture, pet dander, pollens, respiratory infection, air pollutants, and certain medications.Nebulizer

A noticeable increase in the prevalence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma has led to the growth of the nebulizers market in India.India is one of the biggest markets for nebulizer with the highest burden of respiratory diseases.

With the use of latest technologies asthma patients can now use portable nebulizers anytime, anywhere. Constant monitoring can help in keeping a tab on one’s health and can also contribute to improving existing conditions

Today, patients are taking active steps in managing their health and are opting for medical devices that help them diagnose and treat health issues in the comfort of their homes. This shift in the patients’ preference has strengthened the demand for home healthcare devices like nebulizers. For example, Omron Healthcare offers easy to operate, low noise compressor nebulizer variants with Virtual Valve Technology, high nebulization rates which increases the effectiveness of treatment andleaves minimal residual medication.

By regular monitoring and use of portable medical devices, prevention and long-term control can be possible. And in the long run asthma attacks and breathing problems can be mitigated if these essential steps are taken

By Hisao Masuda, Managing Director, Omron Health Care, India

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