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Aptar Pharma offers preservative free multi-dose ophthalmic squeeze dispenser in US markets

Aptar Pharma, a global solution provider of innovative and proven aerosol, injection and spray delivery systems for biotech, healthcare and pharma products, has partnered with a leading eye care company to develop and launch a new eye drop product, which uses the innovative preservative free multi-dose Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser (OSD).

This is the first preservative free multi-dose eye drop featuring Aptar Pharma’s OSD in the United States according to the company note.Aptar-Pharma

Following the worldwide trend towards safe, patient-friendly, cost-effective and preservative free multi-dose dispensers such as Aptar Pharma’s OSD system, the new over-the-counter (OTC) eye care product is able to maintain its status as the gold standard in lubricant eye drops.

The newly released over-the-counter eye drop product relieves dry, red, itchy eyes by providing preservative free eye drops in a revolutionary multi-dose bottle. Aptar has worked closely with a leading eye care company to improve patient safety, achieve dosing accuracy and maintain product integrity.

The proprietary, sterile, lubricant eye drop formulation, contains 10 ml of solution, equivalent to more than 250 drops and claims to remain sterile for up to three months after first use. It is being supported by extensive television advertising and is available nationwide in pharmacies, supermarkets, and other retailers.

Dry eye patients and consumers use lubricant eye drops on a regular basis, and often for the rest of their lives. It is well proven that preserved medications may cause unpleasant and sometimes serious side effects.

Consequently, removing preservatives from the formulation by using Aptar’s OSD system is appreciated by the increasing number of patients and consumers experiencing eye irritation or allergic responses with preserved formulations.

The OSD system is the result of more than 10 years of development for the delivery of preservative free ophthalmic solutions. European patients and consumers have benefited from this technology for years with more than 70 commercial references available on the market. It ensures microbiological safety, enables precise and reproducible drop ejection, besides being pocket size design, it is user friendly for all age groups due to a low actuation force.

“The launch of our OSD system in the United States is a welcome event for patients suffering from eye irritations as it offers them significant benefits compared with standard therapy. This is also a very important milestone for us in our international development strategy,” said Matthias Birkhoff, vice president, business development, Aptar Pharma’s Consumer Health Care Division.

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