Aster CMI Hospital planted saplings for a greener environment

‘Plant trees, save environment’—the message was loud and clear at Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore, on World Environment Day, as doctors, corporates, and students joined hands to make the area in and around this hospital at Hebbal become green.

“The city that was once known for its lush greenery and plenty of water bodies, is now full of concrete skyscrapers. With the plants being chopped for the sake of urbanization, today, Bangalore is a Aster-CMI-Hospitalvictim of global warming, pollution and carbon foot prints. The only way out to good health from here is to bring back the lost greenery. At Aster CMI Hospital, we are taking initiative to bring back greenery at least in parts of North Bangalore. At World Environment Day, we took the first step by planting saplings around the hospital campus,” said Dr Nitish Shetty, CEO Aster CMI Hospital.

This green drive was taken up in association with Gurucharan Singh- VP Cambridge Institute of technologies and Anand Bangalore Ekambaram, environmentalist. Around 50 saplings were procured from Karnataka State Forest Nursery at Hebbal.

Speaking on the occasion, Gurucharan Singh, said, “The objective of doing this activity is to create awareness among the common public about how important it is to keep your environment safe. We wanted to encourage common people from different society and communities to actively participate in the celebration as well as become an active agent in developing environmental safety measures. We want to encourage people to make their nearby surroundings safe and clean to enjoy safer, cleaner and more prosperous future.”

About 60 people, including students and corporate employees, participated in the event, other than the Aster CMI Hospital staff.

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