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Indian Youth More susceptible to Heart disease

 ‘When you are young, you believe you’re invincible. You live life king size: You work hard and party hard because you believe your body is in peak form and nothing can happen to you. I am also one of them’, speaks Anand Kumar, 30, of Gurgaon, is admitted two day before in Medanta hospital, when he feels severe pain in his chest. His wife sitting beside him holding her both hands tightly like praying every time, he is diagnosed as Ventricular Tachycardia.CARDIAC-ARREST-disease

Kumar runs lodge & business of real estate in sec 28, of Gurgaon, most of the times he is engaged with his clients. As his work is full of competitors around, he needs to be very active at any time of day. He is always in tension and anger even at time when he is with his family & he hardly cares about his health.

In present scenario work load & competition has been increased so much that people get very little time for their health & entertainment. They are taking their food habits & daily routine very lightly. Emerging trends of night shift had almost changed the lifestyle of young’s in our country. Nobody has time to cook so they are completely depend on junk foods & packed food, which is in one way or other creating lots of health problems not only among young’s but children also.

Doctors in one of the well known hospital for cardiac problems, Medanta ‘The Medicity’, say that an increasing number of people in their 40s ,30s & even 20s are approaching them with cardiac arrest.Still in hospital there are 5 patients under 40 within 2 days who got cardiac arrest. Out of whom one is 18 year old student having Acute Coronary Syndrome.

New research says a country more than one billion people, will likely account for 70% of heart disease patients worldwide, 2017.

‘Lifestyle of today’s generation is giving an open invitation to lots of diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, dementia, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, brain stroke & cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is always known as the disease of older people mainly after 60, even pre-globalization things were like that only but post-globalization there is a paradigm shift in disease pattern.’ Says Dr Manish Gautam, DM Cardiology, Medanta Hospital.

Heart attack is a disease which commonly is perceived as the disease of elderly people, however a new trend is developing in India where it has been seen that the age at when this disease is now getting becoming younger and younger. Heart attack per-say was more in the elderly. Various studies are going on and are funding the thought that may be the Indian’s are on dangerous proportion of heart disease.

When asked about this Dr Manish said’’ Smoking is one of the most common cause under 40,if you are 40 & taking 20 cigarettes a day, you are seven times more likely to get heart attack then a non-smoker.’

Second reason he said is the diet’’ Today we are more fond of junk foods, which cause obesity & lack of physical activity .In middle class the key factor is the unhealthy diet & this is growing largely among children where parents feel fat to be a good sign of health especially in Haryana & Punjab.

Doctors have been unable to find the concrete reasons for the early onset of cardiac arrest, but they believe that the modern lifestyle, with its package of stress & lack of physical activity, is responsible.

‘’There is no denying the fact that modern lifestyle triggers early onset of disease ‘says Dr Sumit Singh, Senior consultant, Medanta

He further said ‘One should take a proper sleep of at least 7-8 hours, because it will lead to less suffering for heart attack,stroke,or coronary heart disease.’’

Researchers found that who eat fruits & vegetables are at 30 % lower risk of heart attack as compared to who consumed western diets.

In India there are myths for each & everything which are coming with us from centuries. Few of them are related to cardiac arrest also. As,this is the disease of the elders, strikes only rich people, we are genetically pre-disposed & women are safe till menopause.

‘Diabetes & hypertension are the two major cause of the heart attack which commonly prevails in Indian’s at the age of 30s’’says Dr Vikas Mudgal, a young cardiologist in Medanta.’’Today only we admitted a 34 year patient for  CAD, who has a history of  diabetes, hypertension & cardiac artery disease[CAD], which means this won’t wait for your age’’.

He further said ‘’Risk factor such as tobacco& unhealthy diet are common among poors. Diabetes & hypertension are reported from slums as well as rural areas, so it’s wrong to say that it only strikes to rich.’’

Speaking about the genetically disease Dr Vikas said ‘It’s true that if one had strong family history about heart attack then he is on the risk zone but recent studies said that a healthy diet & physically acting help people trap the impact of genetic adversity.’’

‘This is not true that women are safe till they are getting menopause because if they smoke, taking more oral contraceptive & suffers from diabetes then they might get cardiac arrest & in India even young women are also becoming victim of this ’’says Dr Mudgal.

Still in bed, looking calm, doctors recommend Anand Kumar to spend few more days in hospital, till the time they won’t find his ECG normal.

The time has come when we take population-wide steps through public policies that encourage people to quit tobacco , smoking,eat healthy and step up the level of physical activity. Otherwise, India’s growth story will have a tragic ending.

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