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A tradition we don’t want to pass on to our child

Traditions are those little customs that carries from generation to generation. The tradition of unity, warmth, care, love and much more. But what if you are passing the tradition of genetic disorders to your live birth? What if you along with your habits, behaviour, expressions, and nature, your baby is also inheriting tradition of your genetic disorders? No parents in this world would like to see their child affected by the diseases which will last a lifetime; Disorders which are painful and rarely curable. You as parents wish the best for your child and do not want it to get harmed in any way, but why to compromise when it comes to complete safety from genetic disorders.

Genetic Disorders are more than often not paid attention to by the parents which cause the child born to be severely weak or having some genetic disorder. It can come as a shock to the parents because they were unaware throughout that they were the carrier of the disorders.

According to research conducted by Igenomix, around 6% of couples out of 138 that Igenomix had screened had a high risk of passing genetic disorder to their child. Research says the risk is even higher in Congenial Marriages. Around 17% of the couples were found out to be having a high risk of passing a genetic disorder to their child. The percentage might be small in number, but you or anybody around you can be one of them.

No parents would want their children to suffer from any societal stigma. In cases such as Haemophilia, wherein the blood loses its capacity to clot and the person bleeds even due to slightest of injury. The child, in this case, has a patchy skin and can look different from other  kids of his/her age actually causing them struggle for acceptance from their peers. This stigma can influence the healthy upbringing of the child since the mental trauma and dejection is immense.

Genetic Disorder if carefully taken care of before the pregnancy, can reduce or avoid a lot of problems post the birth of the child. Carriers of the genetic disorder are healthy people, so it often goes out of notice that they can be passing a tradition of genetic disorders to their child. In fact, if both the parents are carriers then the risk of disorder to be found in their child rises to 25%.

As per WHO, 10 out of 1000 live births are born with some sort of Genetic Disorder. And it also leads to many infant mortality cases. 20% of Infant Mortality in all developed countries is due to Genetic Disorder. So what is the solution? You might be asking. Igenomix has developed an Advanced Compatibility Genetic Test, which is conducted before pregnancy. It can reveal if your child is at a risk of taking birth with one of the genetic disorder. If so, then constructive steps can be taken towards the birth of a healthy child. Compatibility Genetic Disorder (CGT) can help identify if any one of the couples is suffering from the disease or both.

They say it right when they say, ‘Better Safe than Sorry.’ Parents would want their children to take birth in this beautiful world healthily. Parents do, and will continue to do everything to safeguard their child from the family traditions of the genetic disorders. So, what are you waiting for, If planning to have a baby, go for CGT right away and let your child enjoy a life without any traditional genetic disorders.

Credits – Dr. Rajani, IGENOMIX

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