Hypertension and Preventive care

For every patient suffering from hypertension, visiting a clinic or a hospital can be a regular activity. Cardiovascular ailments which is now a lifestyle disease and has become a problem in many households. To add to that, young professionals are more susceptive to these problems and hypertension is a major cause of concern for the youth. Over 20% of Indian youth suffer from hypertension and is a major cause of cardiovascular problems in India which leads to 1.1 million deaths (uncertainty index 0.9-1.3 million) annually.  The basic reason of hypertension in adults are due to compromised diet, less physical work, stressed lifestyle, improper sleep etc.

With the connected life that we lead today, technological innovations have led to the development of medical Hypertensiondevices that are not only portable but allows the patient to keep a regular check on their health including blood pressure. The easy to use, arm type Blood Pressure Monitor (BPM) keeps a tab on the body movements and can store up-to 60 memories with date & time. It also detects irregular heartbeats. The device also has cuff wrapping guide and BP level indicator.

Professionals who have a busy schedule –Omron Healthcare’s wrist type blood pressure monitor is a handy device to keep a constant tab on one’s blood pressure while on the move. The wrist type BPM reduces the inaccuracy caused by incorrect cuff positioning of the band. It secures between 30-60 blood-pressure readings. The smart monitor allows patients to access, analyze the data from any place, and alert the users with any concerns. This device detects irregular heartbeats, body movements and give a more accurate reading.  The machine comes with hypertension indicator.

Home Monitoring of blood pressure is also recommended by AHA (American Heart Association) for people with high blood pressure to determine the effectiveness of the treatment.

As healthcare and medical device companies continue to create smart, connected medical devices, it will further help to create a brighter, more healthful future. Patients now have a better chance to keep control of their health with the use of technology.  Home monitoring of chronic and lifestyle-associated diseases is one specific area with tremendous demand that will only grow from here own.

Author: Mr.Hisao Masuda, MD, Omron Healthcare India

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