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Lifespan India introduces unique, non invasive screening test for Diabetes, Cardiometabolic complications

Lifespan [India’s largest chain of diabetes and cardiometabolic clinics] introduces the R.I.S.C. test – a unique, non invasive, screening test for risk assessment.

It screens an individual for risk of developing diabetes by calculating Insulin resistance. It also assesses one’s cardio metabolic risk score and autonomic neuropathy risk score.  It tells about one’s body fat composition, heart functioning and the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, and sudomotor nerves.

The test assesses 30 vital health indicators which give an idea Lifespan-Indiaregarding one’s risk of developing neuropathies and heart related complications.

This test does not require any blood sample, only demands a 3 hour fasting.

As diabetic patients are at high risk for getting complications of the heart and nervous system along with eyes, kidneys and various other organs, this test helps to

  • Identify how diabetes is affecting your organs and what diabetic complications you may have developed and also are at risk of developing.
  • detect cardio metabolic related problems, cardiac autonomic neuropathy, diabetic autonomic neuropathy, arterial stiffness and sudomotor abnormalities.
  • Analyzes a person’s present health status- the test checks for markers of underlying abnormal health condition by detecting small physiological changes.

Diabetes is a chronic disease – 70% of diabetics don’t present with the typical picture of signs and symptoms, hence they remain undiagnosed for long time.

The R.I.S.C. test is safe and non invasive as no blood samples are taken, nothing introduced into the body and no harmful rays used. It also makes treatment cost effective as it identifies which organs are likely to be affected so that treatment to prevention the complications can be started. It is recommended for overweight and obese people, those with a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, pre-diabetics, etc so that the diseases can be detected at an earlier stage and the measures to control the same can be initiated.

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