Nutrition Solution through NutriHealth to solve Health Problems

Nutri Health, a platform by Dr. Shikha Sharma offers comprehensive health and diet management programmes. Dr Shikha pioneered the concept of Nutrigenetics, which combines modern medicine techniques and the principles of Ayurveda. Nutri Health Systems was launched in the year 1998 which was rebranded in 2016 as Dr Shikha’s NutriHealth post their series A funding of Rs 12 crores from Singapore based OneHealth Ventures Pte Ltd.

Please tell us the idea behind Dr Shikha’s NutriHealth?

​Dr Shikha’s NutriHealth was created with a vision to bring Effective, Practical & Convenient Obesity Management and Preventive Healthcare solutions to people. “Nutrition Solution to solve Health Problems is the foundation of NutriHealth. Delivering high impact and convenience are the pillars of our concept.

It’s based on the science of Vedic Nutrition and Behavioural science of compliance monitoring (Health Coaching). The focus was to bring standardization, scalability and convenience.

The scalability has been built by using the Contact Centre as a model for communication for Video calls, Voice Calls

The convenience ​has been provided by the Mobile App (YuWoW). The mobile App has free weight loss recipes, monitoring dashboard and connects to the personal Smart Weighing Scale which sends the reading to the Mobile App.

What are the technological advancements you have introduced lately in different verticals? Your core strengths?

Technological advancements we have introduced-

  • Amikus – The Nutrition Software: ​For Diet Planning management (propriety software)
  • Smart Health Solution – Weighing scale which measures weight, fat, Hydration and muscle – which is connected to the Personal Mobile App and which is connected to Nutri-Health Personal Nutritionist. Health Adv.

Between our many strengths there are few which are exceptionally significant:

  • Digital marketing Expertise which is In-houseto acquire Leads – hence whereas the Industry may be getting leads at 250-400 INR, we get leads at 190 INR
  • Service model which is entirely based on Voice, Video and App and hence location agnostic
  • Brand presence across India

Mobility technologies provide a major push to healthcare. What values does it add to your venture?

  1. ​Reach -Our Clients are all over the world and we acquire clients through digital marketing from global markets
  2. Convenience
  3. Standardisation of Quality and services – we are able to audit not only the Nutritionist calls to clients, but also provide refresher training. Besides that, we also use the Amikus software which assists the Nutritionist to prepare good quality nutrition plans

Who are the end consumers of the product?

The End consumers are Indians anywhere in the world who wish to avail nutrition and health coaching.

Telemedicine and wearable devices are the way forward, globally. How do you think India fares there, and what do you think should be done to meet global standards of adaptation?

Wearable devices will need to be bundled with health coaches to actually see the next level of growth in India. The future can be very exciting at a larger canvas ​also. For example, digital devices capturing BP or sugar reading and connecting to central servers can link patients with Doctors and Nutritionist.

What are the most pressing challenges for health start-ups?

Though, today many people are investing in start-ups and building up start-ups, but its not always an easy task. To come up with an idea and to actually implement it always goes through hard times.  So, the challenges which I think effects the industry are-

  1. Connecting to Angels and VC
  2. Recruiting and retaining talent
  3. Lack of experience in People management
  4. Marketing/ promotion/ visibility on a bootstrap budget


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