Spyglass has made a Difference in the Management of Gall Bladder Liver and Pancreas Problems

Believes, Dr Ravindra B S, Chief of Medical Gastroenterology and Advanced Endoscopy, BGS Global Hospitals, in an interaction with Ekta Sriavstava, Health Technology… 

What is the concept underlying Global Hospital? Any model that you emulate?

Global Hospitals has earned the reputation of being able to provide quality health care services. BGS Global Hospitals in Bengaluru has achieved a niche for itself in Liver, Heart, Lung and Bone Marrow Transplants. The hospital is also know and has earned a reputation for providing accurate treatment for high end and complex cases in gastroenterology.

What are the centers of excellence at your hospital? Your opinion on the emergence and growth of single specialty hospital.

The centers of excellence at BGS Global Hospitals include Gastroenterology and Multi-Organ Transplants, Neurosciences, Nephrology, Urology, Cardiac Sciences, Orthopedic and Joint Replacement.

With regards to the single specialty hospitals, it is concept that taking up big strides but until you have multi-specialty complete care especially for complex cases there is always a problem. I feel complex cases are better managed in multi-specialty hospitals with 24/7availabilty of all specialties under one roof.

What are the technological advancements your hospital has introduced lately in different verticals? Your core strengths?

Technology advances which made difference in Global Hospitals are true beam stx, in Oncology. The Gastroenterology department also uses advanced technology like high end scopes, spyglass, enteroscopy, capsule endoscopy and endoscopic ultrasound.

Our core strengths are advanced endoscopy gastroenterology, minimally invasive surgery, multi*organ transplants, Neurosciences, Nephrology, Urology.

Tell us something about ‘Spy Glass Treatment’. 

The Gastroenterology Department at BGS Global Hospitals offers treatment from simple problems to advances in endoscopy like spyglass laser treatment for gall stones in bile duct, capsule endoscopy, endoscopic ultrasound to liver and pancreas transplantation.

Spyglass is one of the best innovations in the world in 2016 that made difference in healthcare. We can treat gallbladder and bile tube liver problems with an entry into these areas avoiding surgery in large gallstone in bile tube and bile duct cancers management. It is a miniature endoscope with smallest camera attached where we can enter see inside of liver. In our unit spyglass has made a difference in the management of gall bladder liver and pancreas problems.

What are the roadblocks and challenges in Indian healthcare?

Roadblocks in Indian health care are- India is a mixed population with a lot of affordable treatment options not available to a lot of sections of the population. Other roadblocks include non-coverage of universal health insurance which can make difference as healthcare in India is predominantly in private hospitals or clinics.

Please tell us about the emergency services of your hospital?

Emergency Department is the crown of any hospital. Patient coming into our Emergency Department can have the same care as the best ICUs with swift speeds. That is our strength unlike many other health care groups, the core strength of our emergency response teams is the collaborative effort that is out in by specialists from  all departments coming together.

How important is insurance in making healthcare affordable?

Universal insurance makes big change in health care. Health problems are like accidents people are mentally, financially not prepared and it causes great stress to the family and individuals. If universal insurance is done for all citizens healthcare will change.

What are your expectations from the new government? Will it transform the healthcare sector?

Government is doing good work however instead of single theme health schemes if impetus is on universal insurance people can have good health. Health is wealth of our country. Another area is health education which needs standardisation and merit based not capitation based as these involve human life.

How is the flow of international patients and how good is medical tourism at Global Hospital? Your suggestion to make India a healthcare destination? 

Global Hospitals is a favorable destination for patients from Middle East, Africa, Europe, South Asia, Maldives and Sri Lanka for multi organ transplantation, advanced gastroenterology and neurosciences.

Athithi devo bhava treat them like guests and don’t look only in business models as India has the largest health care and best doctors in the world. Numbers are our strength no country has this much potential. Only thing is we need to promote and show case like what we did in software industry.

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