Telemedicine is the Future for the Primary & Preventive Care

Says, Rajesh Mundra, CEO, Truworth, a Health Technology Company focusing on Telehealth Solutions for biometric screening and Practice Management Software for Doctors.

 Mundra  is a Serial Entrepreneur and has created successful businesses in last 25 years in the domains of IT, Financial Services & Home Improvement under Truworth Group that employs more than 1500 employees across the different verticals. Rajesh has also been involved with many organizations most importantly being TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) and was the President for Rajasthan Chapter in Year 2006-07. Rajesh Mundra, in an email interaction with Ekta Srivastava, Health Technology

What is different in providing a healthcare solution with Truworth than other services?

Truworth Wellness provides a cutting-edge technology-driven solution in the health and wellness space. We consider ourselves to be a technology company first than a health & wellness company. Having said that, our product, The Wellness Corner, aspires to be your smart health assistant providing a one-stop outlet for all your health & wellness needs.

Truworth is the only company that covers the entire spectrum of preventive wellness, primary care and chronic disease management under one roof. The key elements for the above are ASSESSMENT, ENGAGEMENT, COACHING/MANAGEMENT & FULFILLMENT that are being addressed with one platform and mobile app. The other service providers are focusing on limited needs of the user such as Online Consults or Doctor Appointment, Aggregation of Diagnostics Labs & EMR or Home Care, Content Platform or Nutritional & Fitness guidance or Aggregation of Gym & SPA’s or Medicine Delivery or Health Store. THE WELLNESS CORNER by Truworth Wellness is one platform that provides all the above under one roof. The platform is currently available for Corporate Customers only but very soon shall be opened for the B2C market also.

What technologies and architecture are you using there?

The Wellness Corner is built on Microsoft’s ASP.NET platform with a powerful relational SQL database in the back-end. The real-time health reminders and seamless messaging with health coaches is powered through Node JS: making sure that there’s no time-lag when it comes to quality healthcare. The back-end uses a three-tier architecture with few machine learning algorithms built in to make sure that our application gets smarter as you use it regularly.

Is Telemedicine changing the way physicians do business?

Telemedicine is the future for the primary & preventive care and we should very soon see Physicians adopting the telemedicine aggressively as it increases the patient coverage for them and enhances the revenue opportunities by better utilization of time.  Subject to the clarity on regulatory issues regarding prescription dispensation and insurance coverage, Preventive and Primary Care for the Physicians would aggressively adapt to Telemedicine.

Reasons, why one should invest in Tele-health solutions?

Different segments would have different advantages. For e.g, the government provides better health coverage to the entire population especially the underserved people and areas. Technology is a big enabler to overcome the Human Resource constraint in the Health Care sector especially due to lack of doctors.

How do you see evolution of Tele-health in rural areas?

Governments have started adopting the Tele health in rural areas however the effort is still on connecting critical specialties to the rural areas. The need of the hour is to provide basic primary care through Tele-medicine as this can remove the burden on the PHC’s and alleviate to a certain extent the problem of lack of doctors in rural areas. Limited use of technology like 104 Help lines etc. needs more visibility and publicity.

Where do you see Truworth going in 2-5 years?

Truworth is looking at an exponential growth in Digital Health and Wellness space in next 2-5 years especially in Online Health and Wellness Services & the Health Technology space. We are currently India’s largest Workplace Wellness company having touched more than a million lives in last 3 years and are now looking at reaching out to more than 10 million lives in next 2-5 years through our expansion in Corporate, Insurance and Retail markets. Truworth is also launching its Wellness Engagement Platform in Middle East & Asia Pacific in the Workplace Wellness Market.

If you had one piece of advice for those thinking of adopting Truworth, what would it be?

Wellness is not a one-size-fit-all approach. What works for you may not work for everyone else (and vice versa). We all have different lifestyles and making a healthier change in our lifestyles can be confusing. There are too many different opinions and ideologies out there regarding healthy lifestyle. How do you ignore all that noise to find out what works for you?

The Wellness Corner does exactly this by understanding from your data and helps you develop exactly the lifestyle that would keep you healthy. This level of personalization is achieved through analyzing the usage pattern behind our range of features such as smart dashboard, health vital tracking, food and exercise tracking, health risk assessment, and health content. Through this analysis, our system is able to give insights about the improvements you can make in their daily lifestyle.


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