Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre announces first treatment to control tremors on SCA-12 patient

Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre has announced its first treatment to control tremors. A team of doctors led by Dr Paresh Doshi has successfully performed world’s first surgery for tremors of in a patient suffering from SCA-12.

SCA is hereditary, progressive, degenerative, and often fatal SCA can affect anyone of any age. Spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA) is one of a group of genetic disorders. Around 43 types of SCA have been detected around the world. In India, types 1, 2, 3 and 12 of the disease are the most common.jaslok-hospital-research-centre

While commenting on the case, Dr. Paresh Doshi, director of neuro surgeon, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre says, “SCA-12 mainly affects the Agarwal community and has intrigued doctors for nearly a decade since the definite gene test for its diagnosis has become available. The disease is very disabling and incapacitating, for which no medical or surgical treatment was available. We decided to offer the surgery based on the available literature evidence. ”

It is observed that SCA is hereditary, progressive, degenerative, and often fatal. There was no known effective treatment or cure and it could affect anyone of any age until a couple days ago. However, the disease is caused by either a recessive or dominant gene. In many cases people are not even aware that they carry a relevant gene until they have children who begin to show signs of having the same. The symptoms of SCA-12 start with a mild tremor of the hands and gradually affect any sort of movement (including walking). Eventually, it leads to significant loss of limb co-ordination, eye movement co-ordination and even slurred speech.

Dr. Tarang, chief executive officer, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre says, “It gives us an immense pleasure to see the efforts of Dr Paresh Doshi and his team has taken to execute this treatment so seamlessly. I am happy to share that we strive every single day to live up to one singular goal of ‘experiential healthcare’. We want to make sure that our patients always think of life after cure and attribute the disease to having an experience. With the best doctors who are internationally renowned in their field of expertise, we work to ensure that we fulfill our promise to each patient.”

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