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Averting Importation of Polio from Neighbouring Countries

India along with ten other countries of World Health Organization (WHO) South East Asia Region has been certified Polio-free by the Regional Polio Certification Commission on the 27th March 2014.

To avert the importation risks from neighbouring nations country is maintaining population immunity against poliovirus through following measures:Averting-Importation-of-Polio

  • Observing two National Immunization Days (NID) and two sub national polio immunization rounds (SNID) every year, in addition to polio vaccination through routine immunization.
  • Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV) has also been introduced in routine immunization across the country to further boost the population immunity as additional protection against polio.
  • Polio vaccination is being carried out for international travelers travelling from India to 8 identified countries and vice versa. In addition, Polio vaccination carried out for international travelers at land borders of India sharing with neighboring countries.
  • Polio surveillance is maintained in both humans and in the environment to detect any importation of poliovirus as early as possible and respond quickly to mitigate the risk.


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