Healthcare lives in Big Data

Says, Sheila Loy, Director Healthcare Solutions, Identity and Access Management, HID Global in an email interaction with Ekta Srivastava, Health Technology…

What is the concept underlying HID Global?

HID Global aims to power trusted identities for people, places and things.  We offer solutions that vet, provision, use and manage identities of people for elevated trust in digital transactions, and converged solutions for using the same credential at the door.

What are the technological advancements you have introduced lately in the healthcare vertical? Your core strengths?

The most innovative solution for the healthcare industry is the new HID Approve, an encrypted push notification for two-factor authentication with the most simple, yet secure, user experience.  In a healthcare environment where workflow efficiencies are of ultimate importance, this solution will hit the target perfectly.

What are the main challenges for gaining traction in the market for your solutions?

HID Global is a major, proven brand. The decision makers in the healthcare space are often not aware that HID Global has a very mature Identity & Access Management solution portfolio. We have built and tested the IAM solutions in the USA market over the past 20 years where millions of people use secures credentials from HID. Our challenge is porting that success over to the healthcare industry globally.

While Big Data is on the forefront of enterprise, do you think that healthcare CAN also benefit from it? What is public policy doing to leverage this technology?

Healthcare lives in Big Data. Over 83% of healthcare institutions leverage electronic health records and connected medical devices. This digital world comes with major compliance challenges of privacy and security. Healthcare can benefit from all Big Data innovations.

What are the main trends shaping/ disrupting healthcare industry in 2017 and beyond?

Some of the major trends in the healthcare industry are:

–          Major industry growth, building new facilities will drive state of the art standards and technologies

–          Workflow efficiency, innovative solutions to keep the environment of care secure in a frictionless fashion

–          Privacy and Security, healthcare is a highly regulated industry and must build and maintain the infrastructure that will secure facilities, patients, staff and their digital medical records

–          Internet of Trusted Things IoTT solutions are needed to validate and authenticate people, assets and medical equipment/ devices

How have the changes in health, economic stability and family dynamics changed the landscape of HID’s best offering?

Unfortunately cyber-crime and ransom ware threats are a major concern in the healthcare industry. A medical identity is worth 50 times a financial account or government ID number, so the hackers will continue to keep trying to steal this data. The solutions that protect the access to data are very important and since they provide elevated trust and security in a simple manner, it will be highly sought after to minimize risk.

What about your company’s offering those stand out from your competitors?

HID Global offers an identity continuum with a full set of integrated solutions for elevating trust in digital and physical transactions. HID has always put security first. There are ‘convenient’ solutions on the market that do not heed encrypted security measures. HID offers cost effective, turnkey solutions that provide the most positive end user experience. Our brand has been around, and we will continue to lead the way for decades to come.

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