IOn the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, Gleneagles Global Hospitals launches ‘S.O.O.N – Quit Tobacco’, a month long campaign to raise awareness on the ill-effects of smoking and consumption of tobacco S.O.O.N symbolizes Save Our Organs Now.


For a condition that can be treated and prevented easily through regular screening and consultation, the goal of this campaign is to reach as many people as possible.  The word ‘S.O.O.N’ intentionally highlights the entire purpose of this launch which focuses on the need for reacting quickly and spreading awareness on the hazards of tobacco which not just affects the person himself but also the ones who’re around.

India is the second largest consumer and third largest producer of tobacco in the world. As per the WHO estimation, one out of two young people who continue smoking throughout their lives will lead to tobacco related cancer. Smoking and consumption of tobacco affects almost every major organlike lungs, kidney, throat, mouth and breast which leads to morbidity and untimely deaths.Studies show that with time organs slowly recover from the damage post quitting. Through this campaign, Gleneagles Global Hospitals is spreading awareness on health risks from tobacco and the importance and the consequences of organ damage.

Commenting on the campaign, Ramesh Krishnan, CEO India Operations Division, Parkway Pantai said, “Our endeavour at Gleneagles Global Hospitals has always been to create awareness around life threatening diseases and its causes. Through our nationwide campaign ‘S.O.O.N – Quit Tobacco’, we aim to reach out to the masses and urge upon the need of quitting tobacco; a step towards saving oneself from serious ailments. Through our series of initiatives, our focus has been on creating a movement to promote healthy living; ensuring quality healthcare services.”

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