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Breastfeeding and It’s health benefits to the Mother

By:DrSaroj Desai(Consultant- Obstetrics & Gynecology)

Breast feeding has been linked with several benefits for women, be it emotionally or psychology. Infants who’re breastfed have better expressive quotient and are much mature and confident. Sometimes the side effects of the hormonal changes can be really very harmful leading to loss of appetite, fatigue, mood swings, unusual behavior and severe stress. This may lot of times lead to resistance to breastfeed or even hold the baby while nursing, thus, grudging the mother and baby of the closeness that happens during feeding.

Undoubtedly, delivering a new life is extremely painful for a woman. Mothers who have to undergo caesarian delivery go through this pain for months all together. Mothers who’ve recently delivered babies can now have a moment of relief since it’s linked with relieving lot of chronic pain.

Breastfeeding has been connected with a host of benefits for women and most of the studies suggest that breastfeeding reduces the risk of cancer. It’s a natural process, unless there’s some severe nipple formation problem. In few cases, it is either flat or inverted which can cause an issue for producing and feeding milk. Women who breast feed have 11% less possibility of developing cancer or observing the symptoms. Breastfeeding is typically suggested till the infant turns 6-8 months old. Breast milk is helpful in providing ideal nutrition for the newborn and is also beneficial for the mother. Surprisingly, you burn calories while breastfeeding which can help you lose weight. It is suggested that the mother should focus on breastfeeding and avoid multitasking that’ll help in creating an emotional bond between the mother and child. In addition, the child’s growth largely depends on whatever the mother thinks while feeding the child; it invariably hampers the development of the kid.

A woman’s risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke in future may be influenced by how long she breastfed her children. It is also practical that there’s a link between breastfeeding and risk of occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. In comparison to women who never breastfed, those who openly spoke about breastfeeding for six to 12 months were 7 percent less probable to have a heart attack while the risk was 18 percent lower among women who breastfed for more than a year or two.

Here are the best food tips for lactating mothers –

  • Oatmeal – Just a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast can help you keep full for longer in the day might even help increase the amount of colostrums (first milk) released by the breasts.
  • Yogurt – Dairy products are packed with rich proteins and calcium which are the most important nutrients needed while breastfeeding.
  • Brown rice – Avoid white rice and implement the use of brown rice in your meal because it’s comparatively richer in fiber and also helps to regulate the blood sugar levels in your body.
  • Salmon fish – Fishes are a high source of EFA (Essential Fatty acids) and also rich in protein which will help to boost more milk which is nutritious for the infant.
  • Spinach and other green leafy vegetables
  • Dry fruits and Nuts – Nuts like peanuts, almonds, and walnuts are great sources of fiber, while also being filled with good fat. Peanuts are also healthy for snacking on, unless you family happen to have a peanut allergy, in which case, you need to get your baby checked for the same condition.
  • Sesame seeds- Sesame seeds combined and prepared in the form of sweets can be really nutritious for lactating mothers. They’re rich in calcium that’ll help to increase the nutritional value.

Green Coconut, Bajri (Millet), Dinkacha Laadoo which is made from Edible gum helps in producing more milk.

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