Cipla launches Nicotex Nicotine Patch

Cipla Health Limited, a leading healthcare company today announced the launch of Nicotex Nicotine Patches. Nicotex Nicotine Patch is a skin / transdermal patch that works on the proven principle of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and helps you quit smoking in 12 weeks.

“Our goal, at Cipla Health has always been to provide highly innovative healthcare solutions that truly improve the lives of our consumers. Through Nicotex, we have helped thousands of people to quit smoking and with the launch of Nicotex Patch, a new and innovative solution for smokers, we plan to expand this consumer base further, said Anantha Nayak, Chief Executive Officer, Cipla Health Limited.

Nicotex Nicotine

Over 900,000 people in India die every year due to tobacco related diseases. One of the key challenge in this regard is the difficulty associated with quitting smoking. As per the recent Choose Life study, 40% smokers have made more than 4 attempts and 90% smokers have made more than 2 attempts to quit smoking and yet failed.

“Nicotex is the No. 1 doctor recommended brand in India and with Nicotex Patch, I believe we will only strengthen our association with doctors going ahead”, Anantha further added.

One of the most important features of Nicotex Patch is that the user needs to apply only one patch a day without having to worry about it for the rest of the day. Through its 24 hour smart release system, Nicotex Patch releases a measured dose of nicotine throughout the day, thereby reducing the urge to smoke and in turn help people give up the habit of smoking.

Nicotex Patch comes in 3 strengths; 21 mg, 14 mg and 7 mg. For those smoking more than 20 cigarettes, they need to start with the 21mg patch. For those smoking less than 20 cigarettes, they need to start with 14mg patch. The patch uses a step-down dosing therapy approach that will help smokers to keep their cravings and withdrawal symptoms in check.

The product will be available with leading chemists and key ecommerce partners across all major cities in India.

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