Soothika launches “Essential Kit” for the overall wellness of the Mother

Pregnancy is a sensitive time for both mother and child, requiring the most attuned care for growth and strengthening. To facilitate this, Soothika, an organization devoted to the holistic prenatal and post natal care, launches “Essential Kit”, a veritable set of essential oils.

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The kit consists of a profound combination of 100 ml Dhanwantharam and 100 ml Murivenna oils, as prescribed by the Ayurvedictexts. This combination in the Essential kit is a universal pain healer which can be safely used during pregnancy and post pregnancy.The regular massage of this oil during postpartum period brings strength, stability, openness and warmth. It improves sleep, promotes sturdiness of the body, nourishes the body, promotes longevity, prevents and corrects affliction of the nervous system and helps in overcoming fatigue.

On the launch of the Essential kit, Rekha Babu, Co-Founder and CEO of Soothika, said “We are thrilled to launch our kit of essential oils for the benefit of the overall pregnancy tenure of women.During pregnancy and the days after delivery, the body undergoes a number of physical changes. Swelling and inflammation occurs at various parts of the body, which on a normal time scale, takes quite a bit of time to subside. Thus, to hasten the healing process, ancient Ayurveda Texts recommend a combination of Dhanvantharam and Murivenna. This oil massage will ultimately serve for the mother’s mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical self”

She further said “The oil massage has appreciable results in the treatment of acute injuries and has healing properties. It will reduce inflammation by acting on body mechanisms. As the oil molecule is extremely small it easily penetrates in to the skin, delivering the medicinal properties to all the cells in the body.It is our belief that every Mother should be provided with care during and immediately after pregnancy, to get relief from pain.”

The additional weight that a mother carries during pregnancy tends to develop pains in various body parts which causes stress and also affects sleep. So, it is very important for the mother to get relief from pain. We believe this oil will help the mother’s to get proper relief from the pain and stress.

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