HealthCare atHOME launched awareness campaign ‘The Alzheimer’s Local’

HealthCare atHOME (HCAH), has now launched its campaign ‘The Alzheimer’s Local’ at the  Mumbai Suburban Railway.  This marks the entry of HCAH in the national financial capital; its fifth city of operations in the country after Delhi, Jaipur, Punjab and more recently Bengaluru, where HCAH partnered with Fortis Hospitals to offer its services to local citizens.

The-Alzheimer-LocalThe home healthcare major backed by the the promoters of Dabur  recently received equity investment from Quadria Capital, one of Asia’s leading healthcare focused private equity firm, which will be used for expanding operations to over 25 cities in India.  Currently, with approximately 800-1000 team members and caregivers’ workforce, HCAH plans to scale this to 15,000 by 2020.

“We are extremely happy about our entry into Mumbai and are sure that we will be able to ease a lot of pressure off bustling hospitals and work together with them to provide quality affordable services to patients who need them the most. The Alzheimer’s Local is a disruptive campaign that is memorable and consequential at the same time. With 80 lakh people taking the Mumbai local every single day, it will provide the optimum channel for a new brand to make the all-important initial impact,” said Vivek Srivastava, Co-Founder and CEO, HealthCare atHOME.

“The aim of the “The Alzheimer’s Local” campaign is twofold. While it encourages conversations around the disease, it will also be helping HCAH garner brand recognition in a new market. We have taken meticulous steps to ensure this strategy is result-oriented and delivers the messages in an interesting, uncluttered and stimulating manner. As mortality rates continue to rise the prevalence of the disease will only escalate in the coming years. This strategic campaign has been designed to make people think and talk about a grave issue facing our society and rise to action against it with the expert support of HCAH,” he added.

As a part of the campaign, automated announcements will be exercised in Mumbai Suburban Railway in an unconventional way to disseminate awareness about Alzheimer’s Disease. For three days, 68 local trains will receive audio announcement messages about “missing stations” which is a creative way to raise Alzheimer’s awareness in English, Hindi and Marathi languages.

Added Dr Gaurav Thukral, COO, HealthCare atHOME, there  are 44 million people globally  living with dementia and 4 million of them are in India. By 2030, this number is expected to double in the county. In India, the awareness about the disease is not as widespread as it should be. As is the case with most mental disorders, Alzheimer’s too is feared as a social stigma. There is a dire need to start positive dialogues that will help create the right ecosystem to cope with the growing number of Alzheimer’s patients in the country.

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