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High Risk 4TH Low Segment C-Section successfully on 34 weeks pregnant lady

(Experts team of doctors at ADIVA Hospital Green Park, New Delhi conducted a complicated but successful a high risk 4th  LSCS c-section surgery on 34 week n 6 days  pregnant patient from The Middle East)

Highly experienced team of doctors from Adiva Hospital performed a major 4th Lower Segment Caesarean section (LSCS) surgery on Parveen (name changed), from the Middle East who was in the 34th week of her pregnancy and was diabetic. The surgery was performed by Dr. Sula Ray Prasad& her team, a highly experienced and established Senior Consultant Gynaecologist& Obstetrician, ADIVA Hospital on 6th, November, 2017 at ADIVA hospital, Green Park, New Delhi.


The patient had been receiving treatment by Dr. Sula Ray Prasad since 2010 when she first came to India for infertility treatment. Following which she successfully conceived her first baby. The baby was delivered through caesarean in her home country in 2011, but unfortunately the new born could not survive. Thereafter, she has been undergoing successive caesarean section under the guidance of Dr.Sula in 2013,2015 and the most recent one in 2017, safely delivering a baby girl this time.

This time when patient visited India she was in her 5.5 months pregnancy & planned to return at 34 weeks of gestation to Dr Sula for her delivery. When she came to India on 4thNovember,2017 at 34 weeks 6 days she complained of pain in her previous stitch lines . After doing thorough investigation, Dr.Sula decided to conduct 4th caesarean section surgery.  While investigation she also came to know that the mother is diabetic for which she has not been taking any medications. Keeping it in mind that it is an extremely high risk pregnancy 4thcaesarean section surgery was done on 6th Nov midday following standardized protocol. Mother inspite of her diabetic state had an uneventful recovery. The baby was monitored and managed since birth by Dr. R. G. Holla, Senior Consultant Neonatologist and his team in a state-of-the-art neonatal intensive care Unit of the same hospital for 10 days due to the complications of low birth weight & premature delivery.The Baby girl had a very turbulent Recovery and progress. Today, with God’s Grace, the mother and the baby are very happy and are both doing fine.

According to Dr. Sula , “4th time LSCS is highly risky, as the previous surgeries lead to severe adhesions in the pelvic region causing the delivery process to be extremely difficult. Very few patients in the world must have undergone three plus LSCS.”

Dr. Sula also mentioned that she was extremely confident of doing this rare medical surgery in ADIVA Hospital because availability of modular operation theatre equipped with state-of art medical equipments, strong back up of ambulance , emergency and I.C.U and NI.C.U. upto Level-3 and an excellent team of doctors, Neonatologist , experienced dietician Ms. Aneeka Bagga taking good care of the patient.

This entire journey is a depiction of incredible human courage and triumph of the advancements in medical science and highly equipped medical institution like ADIVA Hospitals .

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