The risk of social media for healthcare data

Social media has moved beyond its frivolous nature and found its way in the healthcare industry as well. Though it might prove to be beneficial for business at large, it also possesses an equal amount of threat to the healthcare data.


While people have started to rely more on Facebook and Twitter reviews and trends, social media also present a potential risk to patients and HCPs. This includes distribution of poor-quality information, damage to professional image, breaches of patient privacy, violation of personal–professional boundaries, and licensing or legal issues.

In a survey conducted by the social media site QuantiaMD, 65% of physicians were fund to use social media for professional reasons. The number is growing manifolds every day. The breach of patient privacy is one of the major challenges that social media poses to the data. HIPAA has set rules to handle such kind of situations.

Patient information broadcasted on social media is also unencrypted and stays on the internet for long. CNN has reported some years back about how people fear that pictures posted on social media and later deleted still say afloat. This can lead to the breach of patient’s PHI, which is costly to the organization.

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