Indus Health Plus Aksaradipa festive joy of the students

 Indus Health Plus health sector leading the company and celebrate the enthusiasm of the children very happy aksaradipa Capricorn sankrantica festival.


Aksaradipa is a subsidiary of an organization that svadhara children deprived of education in the community. The meeting, Indus Health Plus and basic sanitation and construction nirogipanasandarbhata children jagarukatadekhila. In addition, Indus Health Plus danadekhila of the organization as employees and family eat children, gifts, and toys.

Indus Health Plus, the founder of. Kanchan Naikwade said, “We believe that the Indus Health Plus, there is an important teaching for us to stand on their feet and in the future due to chance. These children are deprived of their basic life garajampasunahi talent show to find your favorite in the field of various aspects of life we hope will stimulate our support. 

“This is our program for children And I am truly grateful for the help Capricorn sankrantica day more pleasant banivanya the Indus HealthPlus,  The aksaradipa, said Rohini hulagane Pune.

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