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New Laser System Technolas 217Z-100 Excimer device to correct all refractive errors

Now freedom from glasses is just a step away

Hyderabad-based MaxiVision Super Specialty Eye Hospital takes pride to announce the launch of World’s Best Laser System “Technolas 217Z-100 Excimer device”to correct all refractive errors and ensures freedom from glasses has been launched in its AS Rao nagar branch of Hyderabad today .This facility was pioneered first in India, in our city Hyderabad by Dr.Kasu Prasad Reddy in the year 1996 and he has performed over a lakh of procedures in this technology. This treatment enables to perform customized ablation treatment of the eye’s higher order optical aberrations using excimer laser work station.


Delivering quality vision with this technology for youngsters, and owing to the experience of Dr. Kasuprasad Reddy and his team of expert Refractive surgeons, the treatment got very popular in Maxivision and today Maxivision is one of the largest Lasik treatment providers in India.

To facilitate the treatment to growing population and expanding city, in 2016 Maxivision installed similar work station in their super specialty centre in Madhapur. The latest facility in ASR Nagar branch of Maxivision will be the 3rd unit of Lasik in same city and one and only eye care provider with 3 Lasik in same city. All the other branches of Maxivision in the city have trained and qualified optometrists and doctors to diagnose and refer patients to these facilities for Final treatment. With this 3rd facility in ASR Nagar, and diagnostic facilities in other centres, Maxivision facilitate the treatment possibilities in every neighbourhood of the city.

The facility in ASR Nagar was inaugurated by Shri.Vankina Chamundeshwarinath former Indian Cricketer & co-owner of the Indian Badminton League franchise 

Dr.Kasu Prasad Reddy presided over the function and commissioned the facility to the citizens of ASR Nagar.

For the benefit of the needy youngsters Maxivision will run a special price Inaugural scheme for the treatment throughout the month of January and February

Sudheer, COO of Maxivision Eye Hospital Group, said, Maxivision is focused on providing best quality eye treatment with state of the art technology and inputs. While similar technologies are available in many other places, Maxivision is choicest destination for Lasik treatment due to experience of our surgeons and number of eyes we have treated and gave quality vision. Our stringent quality check parameters, and exemplary treatment results have helped increase our patient flow for this treatment and more and more youngsters are opting this treatment to permanently get rid of their glasses. There are many patients who want to get rid of their glasses but not suitable for standard Lasik procedures Technolas 217Z-100 Excimer device has parameters which qualify many patients for the treatment who are disqualified for standard Lasik. It is a boon to youngsters to correct all refractive errors and get freedom from glasses.

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