How technology is keeping the heart healthy – Part 2

Technology has become the second nature of the human race, with its influence on almost everything we do seeping in. While some of it has been a bane, a majority of it has been a boon for the mankind. Similarly, there have been some breakthrough innovations in the medical gadgets for a healthy heart. Since the diagnosis of a disease is the crucial baby step for treating it, these devices play a major role in eliminating the risk at the ground level.


Kardia Mobile Portable EKG Device by AliveCor, a device as big as a finger, lets you monitor your heart rhythm through your fingertips. It eliminates the use of a typical electrocardiogram machine (EKG or ECG) which includes wires and leads that need to be attached to your chest in order to get a proper reading of your heart’s electrical conduction. A conventional portable EKG might be useful, but there is no denying the fact that it’s still kinda bulky. It gives you accurate heart rhythm and heart rate value which you could visualize in real time using your smartphone in a mere 30 seconds.

VScan Extend Ultrasound by GE Healthcare is a diagnostic tool that you can carry anywhere you go. Convenient and space-saving, it makes physical assessment and visualization of your patient’s inner organs possible anywhere. It features a touch-screen interface and wireless connection for easy access and documentation of results.

With the emergence of new and more resilient diseases left and right, advanced healthcare technology is a promising way to save not only invaluable lives but also medical costs.

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