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Health Benefits of Organic Products

Food is the basic necessity to survive and depending upon the status in the social and financial ladder, ingredients of the food change. With the advent of green revolution in 60s, the focus has been only to be able to secure food for all. The safety of the food is still not a concern. Just like food is the fundamental right, safe food should be the fundamental right. In last 2-3 decades, the greed to earn super normal profits and the pressure to produce more and more food has pushed the farmers to adopt farming practises that produce food, which is laced with so many harmful chemicals that are enough to kill a human being if taken in concentration. This onslaught is creating so many life style diseases, including depression, anxiety disorder and even suicidal tendencies along with other physical ailments like cancer, high blood pressure etc. plaguing our future generations.

Fortunately, nature has a way to turn things to their original point and therefore comes the rise of organic products to such an extent that they are being received in open arms. While the naysayers are thinking of this upsurge in demand as a fad, here are few benefits of opting for organic products:

Organic food is the basic safe food that should be the baseline for the health conscious consumers.

Safe Food

Organic food has no chemical at any stage of processing or handling. Some of these chemicals used otherwise are very harmful. So when you take organic food, at least there is surety of no harm to the health.

Better Taste

Organic does not carry any additives or artificial flavours. It is all natural and hence it tastes better. It is strongly believed that organic food tastes better than conventional food.

Environmental Safety

As harmful chemicals are not used in organic farming, there is minimal soil, air, and water pollution; which directly affects our health. Hence organic food ensures a safer and healthier world for future generations to live in.

Full of nutrition

Organic food is grown in a soil that has been recharged to carry all the nutrients in right proportion. The constitution of this food doesn’t have any place for artificial additives or chemicals and hence these foods are full of nutrition.

Long term immunity building

The process to make food organic is a long and lengthy process in which the earth is given at least 3 years to recharge itself. There are about 17 micro nutrients that a healthy soil can give to the food. All these micronutrients are important for the health and provide long term immunity against many common diseases.


Organic is certainly the way to go!

 By Mr.Pankaj Agarwal, Co-founder & MD, Just Organik

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