Emerging healthcare trends in 2018

Digital transformation is set to overtake the global healthcare industry. Here are some emerging healthcare trends that will talk about how personalized medicine and value-based care will be adopted in the healthcare ecosystem in 2018.


Precision Medicine

Precision medicine will offer the promise of averting unnecessary treatment, minimizing drug adverse events, and maximizing overall safety to ultimately maximize the efficacy and efficiency of the healthcare system. The patient experience will transform due to rapid identification of the most beneficial personalized therapy.

Real-Time Monitoring

The non-invasive monitoring approaches will enable the collectionof patient data longitudinally across multiple time points. Enabled by various sensors to track patient vital signs 24×7 through wearable devices, complemented by blood and saliva monitoring techniques, this data availability opens up opportunities to improving healthcare – predict the onset, identify right treatments and track treatment impact.

Real-Time Personalization

The treatment strategy for a patient will need to evolve with time. For e.g., a Cancer characteristic in a patient changes with time due to treatment pressures and other reasons.With the ability to monitor the impact of treatment on a disease, it will create the opportunity to debug why a treatment is not working and to learn and course-correct. This will create an updated paradigm based on real-time personalization.

Mobility and Cloud

Mobility and cloud access will help patients and doctors interact better and real-time.Mobile devices perform ECGs, DIY blood tests, or serve as a thermometer, for ‘anytime, anywhere’ users these days. With increasing automation, patients can enter their health results/ check-up into mobile patient portals as well as provide information to doctors – right and fast.

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