Best of Health Tech from CES 2017

Concluding our list of some of the best health technologies from the International Consumer Electronics Show in 2017, let’s take a look at some more of them.

Bloomlife developed a ‘pregnancy wearable’, to help every concerned parent-to-be out there. A patch with a small device that sticks to the baby bump, it measures contractions by reading the electrical activity of the uterine muscle. As a part of their marketing campaign, the company leases the product instead of selling it.


2breathe’s wearable around your waist combines a Bluetooth sensor, a smartphone app, and some soothing panpipe melodies. The sleep inducer analyses your breathing patterns, and then your phone gives out guidance in the form of smooth, lilting melodic tones to prolong exhalation and reduce brain activity, thus making you sleepy.

Motiv’s ring acts like a fitness tracker – with step counter, heart rate monitor or sleep tracker. Elegant, stylish, and tasteful, it also withstands the elements – so you can wear it during swimming as well as on the North Pole.

S-Skin is made up of a microneedle patch and a portable device that can help analyze your skin. It then gives you solutions and even suggest products that you’ll be able to use. It measures your skin’s dryness, hydration, redness, or melanin through LED light and then saves the information on the app so you can track its changes.

Bodytrak, a unique wearable and vital signs meter measure biometric information from your ear. Measuring body temperature, heart rate, VO2, speed, distance and cadence – continuously – and all in real-time, you can listen to music and make telephone calls as well.

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