Somalia receive 89,500 aid packages from GNH India

Somalia received a not-for-profit aid shipment of over 89,500 packages of drugs from GNH India. The majority of the drugs are basic medicinal aid such as multi-vitamins antibiotics, dietary supplements for infants, Multi-vitamins, minerals and trace Elements, pain killers and general anesthetics. Two decades of war has left the country deprived of medicinal aid and where basic medicines are scarce and desperately needed in Somalia.


Seeing the situation in his country, the Managing Director of one of the Somalia based pharma companies approached private companies to request for aid. “My country is under serious distress; not just politically, but socially and economically as well”, he said. Elevating the grief of his people was on his top most agenda, “My mission upon reaching India was to find a wholesaler willing to hear my cause. We are grateful to GNH India and team for all the hard work they have put in to provide some respite to my people.”

Dr. Piyush Gupta, Associate Director, GNH India-“When we were approached by the Somali delegate, we could not possibly have turned them away. Our standing policy at GNH India is humanity over profit and this becomes part of the plethora of transactions that we have done. The shipment sent to them was at a low manufacturing cost and there was no profit involved. A similar shipment was done in Yemen as well.”

Somalia is a tough market to crack as there are US trade sanctions on them, moreover, they are not financially stable therefore doing business there is not a sound decision. But GNH India kept the profit motive aside to ensure that the weak, hungry, and particularly vulnerable men women and children of Somalia received access to basic medicines.

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