The Best Top Healthcare Mobile Apps Among Hospital, Health Systems – Part 1

Aetna, ITriage


Giving the users step-by-step guidance to treat conditions in the most effective way possible, this patient-facing mobile app also allows patients to directly find information on their health conditions. It gives patient directions on whether their conditions require a visit to the emergency room, turn-by-turn navigation to the appropriate provider, and a map of facilities in their Innovation Health insurance network.

Cerner, CareAware Connect

Offers a mobile solution to complete workflows and also manage clinical communications, that too on a single device. Multiple teams can collaborate and communicate for the purpose of improving care coordination. Patient data can be viewed by the users from a list that includes vitals, measurements, allergies, and orders on medication and care services.

DSS Inc.

Offers a suite of EHR-based mobile features, enhancing care coordination, patient care, and safety. It also provides interoperable workflows aimed at reducing administrative costs. It provides both clinical and administrative tools, with the features ranging from emergency room and home health mobile care management to automatic billing systems and scheduling tools.

Epic Systems, MyChart Mobile

To access health data from previous in-office visits to providers, Patients can download the MyChart on either the App Store or Google Play. Apart from enabling the users to view test results, immunizations, medication, and health conditions indicated by a provider, it also allows a patient to confirm appointments, pay their healthcare bills, and upload patient-generated data from a wearable health device.

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