Heart transplants surgeons from Fortis Hospital, Mulund breathe life into a 42yr old Mumbaikar

~ Wife of donor consented to donate her beloved husband’s Heart, Liver and Kidneys, marking Mumbai’s successive 84th Heart Transplant~

Cardiac Transplant team at Fortis Hospital, Mulund along with theMedical Social Workers and Nursing teams, enabled yet another life-saving heart transplant on a 42yr old male recipient. This feat became possible when the wife of a 30yr old male from Pune consented to donate her husband’s organs after he was declared brain dead at Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune. The heart transplant surgery was successfully performed by a team led by Dr Anvay Mulay, Head of Cardiac Transplant Team, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, marking Fortis Hospital, Mulund’s 68th Heart Transplant since August 2015.


The young donor was rushed to the Pune hospital after collapsing at his residence from Hypertensive Intracranial Bleed. His grieving family was counselled by the Medical Social Workers at the hospital, after which, his wifeconsented to donate his Heart, Liver and Kidneys, thereby saving and enriching lives of four patients suffering from end-stage organ failure.

The heart which was ferried out of the donor hospital via a Green Corridor was transplanted into a 42yr old male recipient who was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy. The Chemburresident was diagnosed back in 2006 and was being medically managed; he was waitlisted in September 2017. The donor heart was transferred out of Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune at 02.18AMreaching Fortis Hospital, Mulund at 04.06AM covering 154Kms inin 01hr and 49mins.

Speaking about the surgery, conducting surgeon, Dr Anvay Mulay, Head of Cardiac Transplant Team, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, said, “A single donation makes a huge difference, it helps us enhance the lives of those in need. This, however is only possible because of the brave decisions taken by the donor families, we salute them. Organ Donation momentum certainly seems to be building upin 2018, at this rate, we hope to inch closer to bridging the donor-recipient gap”.

Talking about the cause of organ donation, Dr S. Narayani, Zonal Director, Fortis Hospital, Mulund said, “It is heartening to see more families come forward and lend their support,it makes our crusade towards the cause even stronger. Without the steadfast support of ZTCC Mumbai, Medical Social Workers and the clinicians, achieving this feat would not have been possible”.

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