The Best Top Healthcare Mobile Apps Among Hospital, Health Systems – Part 2

GetWellNetwork, Marbella

The Marbella platform enables providers, nurses, and other caregivers within a health system to use their smartphone to manage patient rounding. Used to specify patient data collection outside of general roundings, including safety and quality audits, it integrates with other vendor systems and offers users real-time alerts and tracking to mitigate manual follow-ups. It can be used in hospitals, clinics, and waiting rooms on any mobile device.


MEDITECH, Ambulatory EHR

Allowing providers to access complete web charts, Ambulatory EHRgives them instant access to patient records across healthcare organizations on a single mobile device.Providers can tap on a patient’s record to order prescriptions, view test results, note the progress of health conditions, and schedule appointments and procedures. It also includes population management tools that help identify at-risk patients.


PatientKeepr is the mobile app edition of the PatientKeeper Computerized Patient Order Entry (CPOE) system. It allows providers to order radiology, labs, medications, and similar services for their patients across all hospital departments. Providers aren’t required to rebuild lists for new patients as Catalogues for procedures and medications are kept in the mobile CPOE. It acts as an alternative to telephone orders that may cause organizational inefficiencies for hospitals.It also allows providers to keep track of allergies, test results, patient vitals, and related health data.

PatientSafe, PatientTouch System

It connects clinical communication with enterprise management. While providers use the app to connect departments and other parts of the care continuum, care teams use the app to connect clinical workflows, clinical communication, and coordinated care under an umbrella to improve care efficiency. It comes with an enterprise software that centralizes the assignments of all users, roles, and groups in a health system.

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