How technology is changing the way we move

Mobile apps are changing the way we commute in daily life. Here are 5 apps and services that make taking the wheel a little safer by minimizing distraction from cellphones to dispatching quick response teams.



Kruzr minimizes distraction by cellphones by handling calls through a ‘smart chatbot’. The app first declines the call and initiates a chat with the caller to inquire if the call is important. If the person says yes, then he/she is asked to call again and the app forwards it. The app is also sensitive to speed and can detect when the car is being driven, stationary or if there has been an accident. It picks up their current location and its backend connects with the nearest possible help if a user is involved in an accident.

Safely Home

Safely Home automatically alerts the police, ambulance and the user’s emergency contacts in an emergency situation. It monitors speed and movement to detect road crashes by leveraging location tracking. Its other features include providing roadside assistance for a variety of issues including breakdowns and running out of fuel, displaying the closest mechanics, petrol pumps and so on.

Party Hard Drivers

Party Hard Drivers has the perfect solution to make sure that you don’t take to the wheel after a night of drinking, the service promises to provide reliable chauffeurs, at a reasonable price, to drive you and your car home.

One Touch Response

This safety app dispatches an assistance team to help users handle emergency situations using location tracking. ‘On road assistance’ is one of its offered features. They coordinate with the police and emergency services to ensure that evacuation and medical attention reach the site as soon as possible in case of an accident.

HumSafar Road Safety

The app aggregates the details of hospitals, police stations, ambulance services and other emergency services and sends out precise map locations. A user will be able to quickly avail emergency services for themselves or others with a single click.

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