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Maharashtra’s 1st Heart & Liver transplant on a single recipient, conducted at Fortis Hospital, Mulund, enriches life of a 24yr old Silvassa resident

~ Family of the donor consented to donate Heart, Liver, Lungs and Kidneys; concurrently, marks Mumbai’s 86thheart transplant since August 2015 ~

Cardiac and Hepatic Transplant Surgeons, Physicians, Cadaver Maintenance Team, Medical Social Workers and Nursing teams from Fortis Hospital, Mulund, worked in exceptional coordination to enable Maharashtra’s first Heart & Liver transplant surgery on a single recipient, a 24yr old man, today. The landmark surgery was enabled when the husband and family of a 40yr old housewife from Mulund, Mumbai, consented to donate her organs after she was declared brain dead at the same hospital.


Young mother of one, was rushed to a local nursing home and then moved to Fortis Hospital, Mulund, after she collapsed at her home and was diagnosed with Brain Stem Infarction with Basilar Artery Thrombosis (Brain Stroke); she was subsequently declared brain dead. The patient was evaluated and assessed for Organ Donation. Medical Social Workers at the hospital counselled the distraught family and explained the procedure of Organ Donation, subsequently, her husband, along with other family members, consented to donate. The donated organs will go on to save and enrich the lives of five waitlisted recipients. The donated Heart and Liver were retrieved to be transplanted into a wait-listed recipient at the hospital, a 24yr old male from Silvasa.

The Heart were retrieved by Dr Anvay Mulay, Head of Cardiac Transplant Team, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, and the Liver by Dr Rakesh Rai, Senior Consultant, Hepato-pancreatic-biliary and Transplant Surgery at the hospital. The 24yr old recipient, was diagnosed with congestive Heart failure and Cirrhosis of the Liver; he was waitlisted in August 2017 at the hospital. He could not continue his studies owing to his increasing discomfort.

Dr S. Narayani, Zonal Director, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, said, “Steadfast support provided by ZTCC Mumbai and our clinicians & Medical Social Workers, enabled this landmark surgery. We would like to pay our utmost respect to the donor family who have shown tremendous grit even during their time of grief; their noble deed has saved five deserving lives.”

The harvested Lungs were sent for wait-listed patient at Apollo Hospital, Chennai, a Kidney was sent for a waitlisted patient at INS Ashwini, Colaba, and the second Kidney was sent to Jaslok Hospital.

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