Technology’s contribution in boosting healthcare in India – Part 2

Healthcare providers in India spent $1.2 bn on IT products and services in 2015. That was an increase of 7% over 2014. The sector is viewing technology as an antidote to address a number of its issues, which is the key reason of increased IT investment. Technology is bringing a sea change across the healthcare sector by streamlining processes and addressing traditional challenges. From using tablets and iPads to access patients’ records to using telemedicine to expand reach to rural communities, technology has made way into healthcare effectively.


The key technologies defining the healthcare of the future are:
Cloud: Soaring high on the cloud wave, healthcare sector too has taken shade under the cloud umbrella. Storing all their patient records in digital format and then moving them to the cloud is what almost 90 percent of the doctors are doing now. This gives the patients and doctors anytime, anywhere access to the information, ensuring a complete picture of a patient’s medical history to doctors.
Analytics: Doctors can diagnose their patients more accurately using predictive algorithms. A start-up Inspirata is looking at big data analytics based solutions for more rapid and accurate detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer, and building a big data repository of cancer data—Cancer Information Data Trust. This will enable patients to get the most rapid and accurate diagnosis from anywhere in the world, and physicians to continue to mine a new source of data, together with existing sources, to get a complete view of the disease.

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