VR vans are taking High-Quality Medical Technology to Rural Areas

The doctor-to-patient ratio in India stands at a dismal figure of 1:1,900 as opposed to the UN-prescribed 1:1,000, and the disparity is especially high in rural areas. With about 70 percent of the country’s population living there, the situation is worrisome. Adding to the woes, bad infrastructure and lack of facilities hold back doctors from taking on assignments in these areas. Also, because of reasons ranging from the lack of education towards appropriate treatments to their worries of spending money on transportation and medical expenses in the city, patients and their relatives from rural areas usually don’t want to visit doctors in the cities.


The Crescendo Corporation seeks to change the scenario by introducing virtual healthcare through its customisable vans. An answer to the medical and technological disconnect between the Indian urban and rural, they rolled out their first indigenously built virtual healthcare vans in 2012. They are Fitted with state-of-the-art technology equipment, including PCs integrated with hardware, medical devices and software to be fitted on board; web-based solutions; independent database system, integrated PC-based digital ECG; ECHO; and digital stethoscope and pulmonary kits, with real-time screening of 12 leads ECG, HR, SPO2 and NIBP, even on low bandwidth.

They launched their second van in June 2013 for a tele-psychiatry project called ‘Ananya’, providing virtual healthcare for mentally challenged patients in the deprived sections of society where malpractices like witchcraft exist.

In October 2013, the company built the Crescendo Ophthalmology Mobile Unit for the Delhi-based Sai Retina Foundation, a centre of excellence in complete eye care.

Patients can even communicate live with the doctor if the internet bandwidth permits. The vans made at Crescendo are not merely transports, they make it possible to take medical aid to the people’s doorsteps and connect them to medical facilities.

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