How technology can enhance your yoga practice

Intended to enhance your practice through technology, T=there have been several products introduced to the market for the yoga enthusiast in you. There are hardware devices apart from apps and websites dedicated to yoga. Let’s take a look at a few technological advances that are making waves within the yogi community.

Techy yoga clothes


Yes, you read that right. Interactive clothing is a successful merger of yoga and technology. Weaving sensors into common garments, such as yoga pants, shirts, and even shoe inserts, to give you feedback about your body and positioning, these clothes are designed to be paired with a corresponding app on your smartphone or tablet, which receives and translates the data for your use. Nadi X, wearable yoga pants launched by Wearable X provide gentle vibration during your yoga flow to let you know when you are out of alignment.

Intelligent yoga mats

The most promising future technology on the horizon for yogis is intelligent yoga mats. They also use sensors synced to your smartphone or tablets, and could really be a boost to your yoga practice when used correctly. SmartMat is one development towards realizing this goal. It boasts of real-time feedback and guidance while allowing you to track and store your progress through the app. Lunar, a European tech company has built the Tera Fitness Mat, which can track your movement during several exercises you can perform at home, including yoga, pilates, and tae bo.

Interactive apps

Some of the effective yoga-centred apps for your smartphone or tablet already available on the market are Down Dog, Daily Yoga, and Yoga Studio by Gaiam. Another innovation is Muse, a headband which helps in meditation by using brain-sensing technology to measure whether your mind is calm or active, and translates those signals into guiding sounds.

In the future, we might see much more technological advancement to support yoga practices. While these developments may not tend toward the traditional ways of a yogic lifestyle, technology may soon make these principles accessible to a wider audience.

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