Technology is Innovating Indian Medical Tourism

India is a profitable place to get medical facilitations thanks to advanced medical expertise combined with economical pricing. The inexpensive benefits offered by our nation have made people shun expensive treatments or prolonged waiting, taking medical tourism in India to a whole new level. Technologies like web 2.0, cloud computing, mobile technology etc. have penetrated medical tourism to provide the best of facilities for medical patients across the world.

Cloud and Social Networks


Electronic medical record (EMR) is made available worldwide for each patient through budgeted solutions, making cloud the most important technology boosting Indian healthcare. It has decreased medication errors and extra diagnosis to channel efficiency in healthcare systems. Through social networking, patients are easily getting in touch with doctors and consultants from different countries, and vice versa. It has empowered many foreign patients to touch base with Indian doctors.

Data Mining

Another benefactor to the healthcare sector, data mining is helping to create a huge data bank of disease-diagnosis system by a continuous compilation of data from different sources such as medical journals, live case studies etc. While data with low-bandwidth is stored in the phone, data-intensive information, for example, X-Rays and CT scans are stored on the server for on-demand access.

Information Technology

The third key to this triumvirate, information technology helps in matching the patterns of a lone patient with symptoms to track down and combat major endemics. Data mining systems come handy to create a global source in medical cloud-based infrastructure, enabling the medical tourism industry based in a country or globally advise patients for optimal treatment of affected disease anywhere in the world.

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