Loving yourself is the mantra this International Women’s Day

By Ms. Megha Darji – Spiritual Healer

It’s that time of the year, when we are celebrating Women’s Day wherein we acknowledge the achievement and how we are working towards making this world a better place for us. However, I feel the celebration should not be restricted to just one day. We need to celebrate ourselves every day because that is the crux of all the hard work that we as women put in our lives to earn our dignity and respect for ourselves in this society.

In ancient time, we were given equal space in society and homes. Masculine and feminine energy were in balance as both were worshiped by one and all. As the time passed, in medieval age we were given certain task and responsibility and male were assigned too different task according to need of that age. Taboo and biased preference towards females became a practice. Feminine energy was suppressing and society started losing balance. However, with time change now we are in the space wherein there is considerable amount of equality and respect, but along with that come several challenges which are becoming part of our daily life. Stress, tension, judgment, biased perception, competition, imbalance between household and work space and an anxiety to make it everywhere, reach everywhere and give our best to perform in all spheres of life has thus started taking a toll on us.

There is constant drive to perform. Perform different roles at household-daughter, wife, mother, daughter in law, entrepreneur, employer, socialite and the list is endless. What I am trying to bring about is, we are human and we have limitations. In this run of multi-tasking, we are so driven that we forget to acknowledge the inner self. We are also a little baby who needs constant love and affection. We also need to approve ourselves first and feel that we deserve all the goodness that life has to offer. It’s time to feel empowered in real manner. You must be wondering what’s real manner, we are already empowered in many spheres. Today I’ll be addressing women who are working and managing household.

Today’s working women are excessively stressed because of the social pressure to constantly prove themselves. I want to explain this with a recent experience of mine with one of my client…

One of my client who is a working woman, introduced me to her friend who needed professional help, as she was going through a rough patch in her life. First of all, I appreciate her for taking the first step of seeking help for her friend. Remember, that taking help is not being weak, it empowers you!

When she first met me, she was only weeping inconsolable. I gave her enough time to break down and let it all out as I believe that Crying is sign of strong human being.

Once she gathered her courage to open up she described how balancing work and house is taking toll on her mind and body. Constant pressure of meeting expectations of others was exhausting her completely. For outside world, she was a career oriented and successful woman, whereas internally she felt lost to an extent that she was ready to end her life. Various factors like looking after her children, home as well as achieving targets at office played major role in creating havoc on her being. She admitted that she did try to end her life a couple of time but failed….

Then I started reaching out to the root cause, gentle probing gave lot of insight of her life journey.

She was an elder kid in her family and from a young age she took on the responsibility of looking after her siblings, since childhood she felt unloved but pushed to perform. Our childhood belief shapes our thought pattern for the rest of our lives. She was looking for constant approval and acceptance from others which resulted in anxiety and stress. Lack of self-love and self-acceptance kept putting her down coupled with low self-esteem. Finally she felt that she does not deserve to live!’ After hearing her my first reaction was to make her feel safe! Feeling safe in the present moment brings a lot of healing.

Then I started with an energy healing, a she was too low on energy to work on, I balanced all her energy centers which are present in our body etherically (Energy centers are centers which governs the energy of our body, mind and soul they are called Chakras). After two sessions of Chakra balancing, she started feeling little better and could sleep in the night, and was overall feeling good.

Now she was in position where she can work consciously to bring changes in her mental patterns. Then for the next couple of sessions, we worked on different areas like desirability, anger, forgiveness, daily thoughts, feelings, hurt and pain, letting go of old thinking and bringing in the new positive thinking etc… It worked in bringing more love, acceptance, approval and desirability for herself.

After all these processes and sessions, she was now ready to accept the beautiful life she had with a smile.

Learning to honor the boundaries and saying No when needed, was the key to her healing. Earlier she never said No and that was draining her energy and her personal time, which resulted in overwork and no ME time. She lost her connect with her own self, and hence was ready to end her life!

Loving oneself is a lifelong journey and one should dedicatedly practice this every day.  Love is the greatest healing force by God and the Universe. Love yourself and love others as they are, because Life is beautiful!

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