‘Modern lifestyles: The effects on working mothers’

~ Madhumita Ghosh, Senior Psychologist, Hiranandani Hospital Vashi- A Fortis Network Hospital~

When motherhood arrives, so does a new responsibility; that of raising a child. A woman perceives this as a blessing, a job that she cannot lose control of or neglect. She would require herself to adjust to certain requirements, be it social or personal. For a working mother it is different and all the more difficult. Unlike the previous years, both parents now work to manage household expenses. Juggling between a job and a child can cause tremendous strain on a woman’s life. Commemorating International Women’s Day, let’sdraw focus towards the mental health of working mothers.


Modern lifestyle for women involves juggling home and work in a way that needs her to give quality time in each sphere. For a working woman and mother,it is often very stressful and can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Managing the house and the office, both equally, often means following the same strenuous routine. A woman might tend to avoid her own wellbeing because she is constantly trying to micromanage everything and mentally check-listing each of her tasks as the day goes by.

Due to constantly being on the move, a woman might tend to opt for easily accessible means when it comes to self care, i.e. eating whatever she can-when she can, lack of to sleep due to the need of constantly managing children, house and work, doctor visits and so on. This can lead to cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, or even neurological heath issues. Working mother’s often tend to experience a feeling of being stressed, tired, rushed and feel guilty for not being able to spend quality time with their kids, partners or friends. The need to lend a hand in providing the best and making sure their kids have a fruitful life in a modernized and overwhelming world today, mothers do not hesitate in managing both.

According to Madhumita Ghosh, Senior Psychologist, Hiranandani Hospital Vashi- A Fortis Network Hospital, “Women need to accept the fact that it is challenging and once this awareness comes, solutions follow. Working mothers need to delegate work, and try not to control every aspect. Lose the battle and win the war is the mantra. They also need to identify if they have anxiety or depression which is quite common and fortunately quite treatable. Mental health is as important as physical health and needs to be dealt with in timely manner. This will ensure better quality of life for them and also their children”. 

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